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  1. Yes, we did go through a travel agent. I just sent her an email to see if she can help me out. Thanks so much!
  2. My coordinator is/was Alejandra Arias. Whenever I contacted her before, she was pretty good about getting back to me fairly quickly. No one informed me that anyone was leaving..
  3. Quick question: Has anyone had their wedding coordinator stop working at the MP? I tried to contact my coordinator through email the other day, and I got a response email saying it was un-deliverable. And its the same email address i've always used to contact her. I tried to email the coordinator who i was initially in contact with, but no luck so far.....
  4. just curious as to how much your wedding coordinator said the outside vendor fee was. Mine said it was $800, just want to make sure we are all being told the same thing.TIA
  5. 1) who was your coordinator and how where they? any issues on communication/mistakes? my fiancee and i are getting married next august. Our coordinator is Alejandra, and she has been great so far. We did have someone else at first, and after sending her 4 emails with no response, i finally had to ask for someone else. Since we have had Alejandra, i havent had any problems with her getting back to us promptly. 4) If you brought your own décor: Did you have them set it up? If so did they set it up as you asked them to do so? Did you have family/friends set it up? When did you get your items you brought back; next day or when check-out? we will be bringing our own decor. Alejandra told us if they set up our decorations on the tables, it would cost $100/table. but if we were to do it on our own (the groomsmen will be doing this) that it would be free. we are also bringing decorations that need to be hanging (wedding banners and tissue paper flowers). we were told we could do this on our own, but the resort would not give us any tools to do this, ie. ladders, drill. So we will be paying them to set it up. our coordinator said it would be $165 to set this up. I was thinking about renting the white hanging lights as well. Do you remember how much they were? Hope that helps:)
  6. Oh no! i am soooo sorry to hear that! Our wedding is next august and i've been trying to get ahold of our wedding coordinator for 2 months now and havent heard anything back! yesterday i emailed the woman who put our wedding contract together to see if she can help me with anything. I hope you had fun at your wedding at least! Does anyone know if we can bring in our own decorations for the reception? and if so, did you have to decorate it yourself, or could you just tell the coordinator how you wanted it set up and they did it for you? TIA
  7. well, we still would like our families to know that we are engaged. also, we are going to be able to do a live webcast of the actual ceremony. so we were going to send the announcements to those people. my moh is also throwing me a bridal shower and we will probably be inviting some of the people who we are not inviting to the wedding. so i feel like they should have some other sort of tangible thing from us. right now im kind of thinking about not sending out the engagement announcements and just waiting until we are married and sending out wedding announcements. i dont know, right now im just so confused lol
  8. Hello! I am having a hard time finding just regular engagement announcements with photos to send out. My fiancee and I are only planning on sending out STD's for the people we are actually inviting to the wedding since its in Cancun and we are trying to keep it small. So we were going to send out regular engagement announcements to all our other friends and family. But I am having a really hard time finding just the announcements that have 2-3 photos on them without it being an engagement party invitation. I am just so frustrated!! Anyone have any thoughts or ideas? Thanks in advance
  9. Ok! So I am just waiting to hear back from one of the wedding coordinators from Moon Palace. Does anyone have any good questions I should be asking? Not really sure where to start! Thanks in advance:)
  10. thanks so much for the warm welcome everyone! i sent a request email over yesterday to wright travel, now im just waiting to hear back from them!
  11. Hello! I am recently engaged and looking to plan our wedding at the Moon Palace Resort for August 2015. My biggest concern right now is picking the right TA to help plan everything! I want our close family to be able to attend, but also want it affordable enough for them to want to come!
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