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  1. My timeline for april 18 is the same I keep wanting to extend the reception but it does seem a lil silly with resort club on site 1. Flowers cost extra for the canopy i think $100-150. Im going to see if they can move them from the canopy to the guest book table during the photo/cocktail hour. 2. Were doing a DJ but if I heard of other brides bringing an iPod and speakers themselves 3. Colored napkins are extra but I can't remember how much. I'm getting mine ahead of time so I can fold /wrap them ahead of time. My friend bought her linens on http://www.linentablecloth.com/& ill be buying my sashes/ napkins & runners from them. 4. I Believe you would pay once but they charge $2 to move the chair 5. No they don't let you move prices/credits but you can use the photographer another day. Were doing ours another day when i 'trash' the dress on the beach.
  2. Has anyone looked into or did a catamaran booze cruise? We are thinking of doing one instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner and didn't know if anyone had any input on it. Thanks for any help!
  3. i'm looking for a DJ (speakers, lights, mic) dance floor and maybe string lights if they don't cost an arm and a leg.
  4. Can you please email me your quotes? I'm asking a few now but i can maybe speed up the process with yours. my email is kathyandethan@@gmail.com And I sent Juan a few emails on the pricing and its $99/per person (over 25) & includes sparkling wine, chairs, cocktail hour, 3 hr reception and wedding cake.
  5. I think were doing Michael Buble - Everything. Im not a huge fan of slow dances so this one allows us to move around a little bit more. and ill probably walk down the aisle to Ben Harper- Forever
  6. Thanks for sharing @@meganwitt your pictures turned our great! I noticed that you had a shoe check cubby by the ceremony site. Did you get that through the hotel?? And the centerpieces looked good I couldn't even tell they were bouquets. Did you use the bouquets on all the tables? I might have to think about doing the same cause all the quotes i'm getting are pretty pricy for what i would be getting. I'm April 18th, 2015! When is yours? Right now i'm just trying not go insane with booking the rooms. It's 8 months out and they only have the tropical views left
  7. Has any one had any problems with the hotel selling out for their wedding? I just tried booking my hotel room and they are already out of the Preferred club ocean suite It's still 9 months out from our wedding so i didn't think any of the room types would of already been booked up by now...
  8. i love these! I just wish they didn't have a 50 order minimum. i only need 25 :/
  9. I'm having mine on April 18th! We are most likely extending ours an hour to last till 11:30 and then heading to the club at the hotel. Not sure what its like on sunday but I would imagine people would be there any night of the week since they will be on vacation. I know we will probably be there for round two if the night before doesn't hurt us too bad
  10. Has anyone had string/ market lights? The only thing in finding down there are the Chinese paper lanterns. If so where did you get them and how much were they? I'm wanting to cover the reception area with them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Does anyone have any photographer recommendations for our wedding by Cancun, Mexico? Our photographer is probably the most important thing in our wedding, so I want to make sure I make the right decision. I want one of a kind pictures that capture all the candid moments throughout our wedding day. Pictures that are magazine worthy. Preferably I want someone who has worked at the Now Sapphire so they can show us the best picture places, but it is not necessary. Who would you say is the best of the best for photography in the Cancun area? Photographers- Please feel free to reach out to me with package pricing and sample pictures at kathyandethan@@gmail.com Thank you for any help!
  12. @@angelajackson Thats awesome that your guest can go for so long. Most of mine can only do a long weekend but at least it will give my FI and & I a mini honeymoon since we are staying the whole week (which will be around $1,500.)
  13. @angelajackson I had the hotel quoted me with $290 per night with a double occupancy ($145/pp per night) so for 4 nights its $580 without flights PP. They are all flying from florida where flights are around $400 so it will be under $1,000 per person for 4 nights. There was also a link on the bottom of the hotels website where you can refer someone and get free nights. So I had my 'bridesmaid' refer me before I contacted the hotel and now she now has a 3 night stay for free. We will also get one free room when we book 25 rooms together on our block. And i think we get upgraded if we book 10 rooms. 20% of spa treatments for all our guest. and a private check in. with a few other minor things for free. The only thing I didn't like was I would have to put down a ton of money to actually reserve the rooms, so we just reserved the rate for our guest for free and are telling them to book early before the hotel books ups. Hope that helps! our date is april 18. I think the rates drop after the 12th. I ditched my TA when I found a cheaper option but I am also a really detailed person ( I used to plan events as a living) so hopefully I will be fine. The saddest part of ditching a TA was losing the hotel transfers but i'm looking into other options on my own now and think it will be fine. With all the reviews online i'm not too worried.
  14. I havent either but i figured If anything goes wrong ill just have another shot of tequila with my new husband and closest friends and it will be good
  15. My TA didn't quote me with Now Sapphire either. She kept showing me great wedding packages at other hotels but I told her that I was more concerned with keeping the cost low for my guest and not necessarily the wedding packages for us. After a while I decided to sign the contract with Now Sapphire by myself and not use a TA. All the prices the TA were giving were the same if not more than if I went directly to the hotel. Not sure if I just had a bad travel agent or what not but I feel like I was doing more work than her and I found a lower rate for my guest than she did.
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