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  1. Hey Katie! The planning is going great, I'm actually pretty organized and ahead at the moment. Most of which is because I am already familiar with the resort and wedding process. I'm heading home to Ontario next week for dress shopping at Kleinfelds in Toronto <3. I have gotten my maids and groomsmen in order before myself lol Are you excited to be going back? Your dress is the most important! I'm excited for you. What have you chosen for your ceremony and reception?
  2. Congratulations!! Thank you for this review. I am getting married at The Grand Palladium in Jamaica on May 7th, 2015
  3. Hello ladies I am getting married at the Grand Palladium in Jamaica on May 7th, 2015 and we're staying for 2 weeks on the Lady Hamilton side of the resort!! I have been to this resort before, in 2013. My sister and her friend both got married at this resort so I am familiar with the process and hotel accommodations etc...if you have any questions please ask away
  4. Very excited!! I have booked Rashel for my wedding May 7, 2015. There will be 9 of us total and we cannot wait.
  5. Yay! That's a relief, congrats We booked with The Grand Palladium - Lady Hamilton side, in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I will re-post after my meeting with my TA next week. That's when I will receive the rates and contract.
  6. Hey! Yes, we have heard back from our TA as well. I am putting the deposit down for 30 seats to start booking next week when I am home in Kingston. We didn't do a wire transfer, we paid for our wedding deposit at the resort by credit card and yes...we had to pay the difference with the exchange rate. Once I sent our credit card authorization form and copies of our photo ID it took about 48 hours to get our confirmation back.
  7. Hi kcole123, Yes, we have the wedding resort location with our ceremony, reception location with times as well. Our deposit has been paid and we have our confirmation. Unless we have questions we won't hear from them now until 3 months before our wedding. The thing with destination weddings is that you have to be prepared for the unknown, unexpected and not as much control as you would have planning your wedding at home. Know that wherever you pick there is usually a requirement to be in their country for a certain amount of time before you can be married. In Jamaica it's 24 hours, which gives our travel dates flexibility when we need to book. If you pick a big enough resort and start early enough, which it seems you are, there should be no problem needing the travel dates for your actual wedding day. My sister did a destination wedding at the same resort I am going to last April 2013. I did look into other resorts but found in the end, The Grand Palladium was our best choice and have already seen their weddings through my sister (an advantage). Also having her 50+ wedding party agree that we all had a great time which leaves with me with no doubt that our guests will also enjoy it.
  8. Hi there, I am getting married in May 2015 and have already booked my wedding date, ceremony and reception with the resort. They held our wedding date for a week until we sent our deposit. Once we sent the deposit, they sent back our confirmation within 48 hours. We tried to get our group rates and booking through our TA but it is too early with AirTransat. They were able to give us a quote of $1760 all inclusive for 7 days with flight out of Toronto but we decided to hold off until the end of April of this year and try again for better rates. Good luck, if you have any questions feel free to ask away
  9. Hello ladies, I'm brand new to this website but wanted to include that I have booked my wedding for May 7, 2015 at The Grand Palladium - Lady Hamilton in Jamaica. My sister was married here in April 2013 so I am familiar with the wedding process and resort. Feel free to ask me any questions and I'm also here to support/help any brides that may also choose this resort and time frame
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