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  1. Sorry for the confusion! Did you do it at the beginning of the reception? During your first dance? as your exit for the night? etc. thanks!
  2. It's gorgeous! They are my photographers next month, can't wait! How did you use the sparklers? Just curious as I'm thinking of doing something with them at our reception and would love to hear what you did! Thanks!
  3. Those look great! Are you planning to include anything in your luggage for customs?
  4. Wow, that is very extreme! I'm having 90 guests for our wedding and have bags, koozies, other favor items, napkins, coasters, decorations, etc. I can't pack it all on a carry-on. Do you think putting the receipts and my wedding invite in the luggage is good enough?
  5. Hello ladies! I'm wondering if I should include anything (wedding location) in our luggage with all of our favors, etc. so they don't take anything when checking out bags in customs. Anyone have any tips to share?
  6. I bought robes and made a tag that says "where this December 12 when getting ready with the bride". I also got fabric swatches of the dress colors I wanted and wrote a card asking them to be my bridesmaid. They all loved it! I gave to them in person, but it would be easy to ship these. I got the robes at Kohls for $15/each.
  7. I also am thinking about going shopping in playa to buy ornaments - has anyone done this? If so, any idea on pricing?
  8. Hello! I'm going to be getting married at Secrets Silversands in December. The fiance and I are going to the resort for a long weekend in August. If anyone has any questions or things they would like me to ask and/or check out. Please post here and I will get back to you! Just want to help out my fellow brides!
  9. @@AllieH where did you get those ornaments made? Our wedding is a bit before Christmas too and we were thinking of doing this. Maybe even going shopping in Playa del carmen when we arrive. Has anyone bought ornaments in Playa before? Any idea of cost?
  10. @@1BeachBride Exactly my thought! We're just using them as a nice 'gift bag'. I also saw some straw type smaller beach totes at Target in their one spot. But these were $3 each. Still a good price but not a dollar.
  11. I bought these bags from dollar tree and they are going to work perfect for me. True - they are not a huge beach bag. I'm confident everyone coming for our wedding will be bringing their own beach bags anyway. These would be perfect if you did forget and just wanted to throw in something to read, sunscreen, bottle of water, etc. No need to haul around towels since they are included at the resort. They have a little outside pocket that I'm planning to put the welcome note/itinerary in. We're also planning to put in koozies, sunglasses, spanish phrases, and some others things. All little th
  12. I did this and I'm having 9 bridesmaids. I bought robes from Kohls and Target. I got my sister and matron of honor matching solid color robes. The bridesmaids all have floral print robes that match back to the solids.
  13. Anyone buy the face mister things? If so - where did you find them? looking for cheap options Thanks!
  14. @girlinthecity97 I'm getting married in Playa in June and I am also looking for wedding favors, can you send me the info of the former bride who rents decor items please?
  15. Sorry to ask again. Any word back from secrets resorts? Specifically secrets silversands?
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