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  1. Getting married Oct 18, 2014 and Im finally starting to tweek out!!! Im still confused what is included in the divine package. We have a beach ceremony with bamboo room and about 25 guests. With the beach ceremony with the bamboo arch, is the fabric wrapped around the arch included or is that extra? I know flowers medallions are extra. Its the extras i do not have a price list for which is screwing up my budget. Anyone have any insight for this? Also, anyone have any luck dropping the resort photographer and extending the videographer?
  2. I just want to double check with the divine reception dinner. Am I only allowed to pick one option for everyone (beef or fish)? Some guests don't like either so Im wondering if the resort is accommodating to them or is there a limit/extra charge? Also, are biodegradable sky lanterns allowed at the resort? Thanks ladies!
  3. we are arriving possibly Oct 11 and staying until the 24th. FI cant stand the idea of sitting at home over the weekend before our wedding so we are just going to have a long vacation
  4. So our wedding is Oct 18, 2014 and it would be very convenient to just use the Adventure Photo (resort photographer) for the whole day since I have to use them anyway for my wedding package BUT everyone's sub-par reviews makes me nervous but then I look at their website and it doesn't look so bad. Is their work that bad or do some brides just have too high of standards? I just want beautiful colors and in focus, pretty pictures that capture our day, nothing too crazy I don't think. What are everyone's opinions?!
  5. I just got the "ok,ok. yes, honey. i understand" So that means im on the hunt for a photographer haha
  6. We will be there Oct 18th for our wedding!! Ceremony on the beach and bamboo room for reception, we are also unclear on our cocktail hour We were only expecting 18 pple to come and we are already at 30! We haven't even been able to send out save the dates yet!
  7. Have fun!! let us all know how it goes when you gret back! The first picture entertains me, I get the feeling that the resort photographer felt left out lol. Thank you for letting me know, ill show the fiance and tell him a outside photographer is necessary
  8. does anyone have any photos from the on site photographer? My fiance is curious how unimpressive they really are to be going out and looking for an off site photographer.
  9. I had my TA book everything and she got through right away to Pilar, so maybe that is a way to go. They must have some secret that we dont know
  10. Im so excited I found this site! You lovely ladies are so helpful with all of your reviews!! As of right now, Im looking for an outside photographer that can do the whole day for under $3000. Is that reasonable or should I stick with the resort photographer (just worried about the less than impressive reviews) one post down, 149 to go
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