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  1. No, you do not need to pay per chair if you are just using the standard chairs. We had 39 chairs and there were no additional fees.
  2. If you have long hair and want an updo, make sure they use elastics to hold it up if possible!!! The girl only used bobby pins on mine and within hours it was falling out and a mess. but it looked great right when it was first done! i would change that forsure if i could relive the day again. We used round tables that seated 8-10 people and purchased our runners of ebay (seller vlovelife - we bought 10 Sheer Organza Table Runners 12" x 108")
  3. Really? We booked our wedding at Now Jade through Westjet Vacations and we ended up getting a refund of $1,400+. This was in October.
  4. If you're in Canada we used Pose Travel and highly recommend Kristy. http://posetravel.com/
  5. I may have just harassed our photographer for another sneak peek - here's one of the shots she just sent us. This wall at Now Jade is amazing for silhouette photos and I'm sure many of you brides have similar photos to this. Love love love love, can't wait to see the rest of them soon! Photo by http://www.karlarosalinphotography.com/
  6. I'm not sure about the cake - but here's the gluten free (and vegetarian) menu selections I received when planning my wedding last year. Shouldn't be a problem to request any of them or mix and match.
  7. I had good luck finding a nice pair of shoes from zappos.com!
  8. We had tealights in Castaways no problem. They were enclosed in metal lanterns we brought down from Ikea.
  9. @Stack02 - Yes, I believe the flowers on the pergola were live. They were nice, but they just didn't match anything! I believe we saw other peoples flowers being used as a decoration the morning after in the buffet, check them out! I wish I had asked for ours in retrospect to help decorate our room afterwards.
  10. @@kellisbaby - Check out page 2, I figured out how to post them differently. You should be able to see them now!
  11. Funny, I faced this EXACT same dilemma. I ended up wearing a veil for the ceremony as well as a flower (but on the opposite side of my head as I was standing, so it wasn't visible during ceremony), and then had the veil on just for a few photos and then took it off so just the flower was left. I had been worried about wind and the veil blowing everywhere, but it honestly wasn't an issue, and was even weighted down a bit by some crystals on it. You can see what I mean in the video we had made (should be at the top - Kim & Chris) - http://limelightstudios.ca/blog/
  12. @@A7Xtrish - the wedding coordinator had someone handle the music for us during the ceremony only. They did a good job using the WeddingDJ app we had. I gave them a printed out list of songs just in case it didn't work or was unclear for some reason. We had to ask a guest to be responsible for the music for us during the reception though, since we didn't have a DJ.
  13. Our wedding video 3 minute "teaser" is ready from our December wedding at Now Jade!!!! Check it out! http://limelightstudios.ca/blog/ (Kimberly + Chris)
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