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  1. Thanks for clarifying the kissing game! I have also seen couples make someone sing a song with the word love in it before they will kiss. I am looking at my contract/invoice from Carmen, and see nothing on it about gratuity...I think that is why I am so confused. I've heard it's added as well. Ugh. Maybe someone else will have suggestions!
  2. Thank you so much! That's really good to know...I'm actually on coordinator #3 with them now, so it's a bit stressful. Your comment helps! Congratulations!!
  3. Lol! I got up super early to do wedding stuff too! You have me stumped-what is a kissing game?? Now I am intrigued. Your colors sound pretty! Ours aren't exactly "matching" either, as the peacock blue color of the bridesmaid dresses is almost impossible to match. Most of the other blues I'm using (table runner, lanterns) are more of a teal as well. I threw orange in there too to brighten things up, and I think it will work out well! I do have one question that keeps coming up between my fiance and I. Tipping!! What are you thinking about tipping the wedding coordinator and waitstaff for the dinner? We keep going back and forth on that one. Any thoughts?
  4. Congratulations to you as well! We will have 3 checked bags (it's myself, my fiance and my 2 sons who are 12 and 13), plus the 2 carry-on bags (so far anyway!) I envy you for having way more room than I do in the totes! Ha! Go figure. We arrive on October 21st around 1 in the afternoon-I can't wait!! We went to my best friend's destination wedding at Dreams in Tulum last October, and it was an amazing trip-so I'm extra excited for this one! Our colors are peacock blue and orange-what are yours? And how long will you be in Mexico?
  5. Hello ladies! I can't even believe it-our wedding is in 20 days! Although I've only posted here a few times, I read all of the posts, which have been very helpful-so thank you everyone! I was also working with Isela, and now am working with Carmen. I haven't worked with her too much, since she first began as our coordinator after I sent in our wedding forms, but so far so good. I started packing everything up yesterday, to be sure it all fits! As of now, I am using 2 carry-ons, one with all the decorations (paper lanterns, table runner, personalized fans, chair bows, bridesmaid and groomsmen flowers, and one for all of the "wedding day stuff" (bridesmaid gifts, my jewelry, etc.) I was able to fit the welcome bags themselves into one of the carry-on bags as well, but will be putting all the items for them into our main suitcases. I swear, worrying about fitting everything has been the most stressful part now! We are using the sound system for 2 hours after the dinner for dancing on the terrace (there are only 17 of us, so I was hoping that would work). I've seen some mention on here recently of the "sound link"-can I ask for more information on that? Thanks ladies!
  6. Hello all! Our wedding is coming up and we have been discussing tips. What is it appropriate to tip the following: Minister Servers for dinner Wedding Coordinator I apologize if this has been answered previously in this thread. I am a bit overwhelmed searching. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello everyone! I first posted some time ago, but now that the wedding is 4 months away (Oct. 25th)-Yikes!-I find myself a little stressed about details! I picked up my dress today-Hooray!-and have been doing more research and emailing with Pilar. I've seen some questions asked that I received answers to, so I thought I'd take a moment to post them: 1. What is the charge to bring my own chair sashes? $1 per sash for steaming-MUCH cheaper than buying them there. 2. What is the charge to hang up paper lanterns that I bring? (We are having the reception on the terrace) $40 for 20 lanters 3. What does the $150 sound system include? A speaker and a microphone 4. Is there a sound system set up for the ceremony? I was told that there would be a microphone/sound system included. I am 100% sure I'll have more questions-but reading this blog really helps-thanks ladies! I almost forgot! They have someone available to start/stop ceremony music on an IPod; probably obvious, but I asked anyway.
  8. This may be a silly question, but which one is the Mix bar? I keep seeing that, but have not figured out which one it is! We changed from Seaside to Fountain ceremony-long story, but the rest is the same. As far as the planning goes, I bought my dress, picked out the bridesmaid dress color, and have done a bit online researching silk flowers (WAY Cheaper than the price there, since they are not all included). That's about it on my end too...I'm going to have to step it up as well pretty soon!
  9. Thank you for the response Stack02...I've finally just now been able to get back to planning after the holidays! I had originally chosen the Seaside Cermony, Moments Bar, and Terrace. I actually just emailed Pilar and asked to switch the ceremony (if possible) to the Pergola, or if that's not available, the fountain area. Fingers crossed! Congratulations! Happy planning to you too! So far, it looks like our group will only be about 25 or so, but a few others have mentioned possibly coming. You sure do have a big group-but how fun!! The only kids coming for ours so far are mine, who will be 12 and 13 at the time (both boys), and I think they may be more excited than me! What locations did you choose for the ceremony, etc?
  10. Hello! My fiance and are in the beginning stages of planning our wedding at Now Jade, and I'm hoping that someone may be able to answer a question for me. The paperwork I've been sent states that I must choose a ceremony location, cocktail hour location, and dinner location; do the cocktail hour and dinner need to be held in the same location? That is unclear to me. Thanks in advance!
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