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  1. Hi Ladies! We just booked Kukua for our July 11, 2015 wedding and couldn't be more excited. My fiance and I had the chance to go down to Punta Cana in April and see Kukua in person and meet with Bego. It is more beautiful that pictures can show and Bego is an absolute sweetheart. I'm so happy to get to work with her! We are SO excited. I do have a question for any past/current brides--we are trying to decide if we should have the photographer/videographer come to the resort to capture us getting ready or if it makes more sense to hire someone for hair and makeup to come to Kukua. I know t
  2. Just got back from Majestic Elegance for 5 days, and I would recommend bringing $75-100 in 1's/5's for tipping for that time. It starts at the airport, people want to take your bags for you and expect a tip. Shuttle drivers to and from the airport. Bell hops at the resorts who bring your bags to your rooms. While the bartenders and waitstaff certainly don't expect it, the ones that are friendly and great clearly really appreciate it. We did not tip every drink or meal, but every couple drinks we would leave $1 or 2. If you plan on spending a long time at a certain bar, tipping well ea
  3. @MrsMartinez2B Could you forward to cbanks3434@aol.com if you get a chance too!? Thanks! :)
  4. @@Mrsoats What about kukua vs jellyfish? Is there much of a difference between the non resort sites as far as spaces/privacy/etc!? Thanks for all the info!
  5. Hi! When you pay for exclusivity, does that mean no one can use the beach and restaurant? Or just restaurant?
  6. Yes! I have been looking at Paradisus, but also Barcelo Bavaro, Majestic Elegance and recently Kukua restaurant. They all seem beautiful it's so tough to choose!
  7. Wanted to start a new thread for PPC 2014/2015 Brides! Anyone getting married here soon or any recent brides have reviews? Looking into Paradisus for my July 2015 wedding!
  8. @@JillTran @@Chelle Shoe @@Jiben If anyone has the Sandals kit for the Bahamas for either location could you PLEASE email it to me? Thank you! cbanks3434@aol.com
  9. @@TeeL I just got engaged and stumbled upon this forum while looking at destination wedding info in the dominican. Would you be able to email me the list that you mentioned with pricing from Jellyfish? I have not heard back from them. Thank you so much!! cbanks3434@aol.com
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