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  1. yes 1 more month!! I am excited and will share pics when im back. Visual embrace seems like a great photographer and for the price you cant beat it!
  2. http://www.spicesforless.com/new/jerk-seasoning-jamaican-bulk.html?
  3. Im in the process of looking now for an ahr. So far ive been looking at local park district spaces you can rent out. I found one thats pretty decent looking inside and its 60 an hour. Id cater food- havent decided exactly where from yet i found a place that does a buffet for about 8-9 a person- my invite list is about 140. but probably expect around 100 to go. id also get a keg and some wine. Im going to spray paint wine bottles ive been saving up the colors of my wedding- purple and teal put them on the tables with babys breath in them. Ill hopefully get a dj at a cheap price and thats about all. so far thats my idea- but im still lookin for cheaper options.
  4. I cant believe they havent contacted you yet. A week after i sent my documents down they replied they recieved them and included the forms for me to fill out and return which i did and they sent me their break down bill. Id try contacting them if i were you since it is getting close.
  5. Hi, welcome when is your date? Mine is sept 30. I sent my paperwork to them and once tgey recieved it they sent me a form to fill out. I am going wih the basic free package and will have 8 people coming- 2 bridesmaids. My photographer is visual embrace. I have to pay 300 vendor fee. Basically you have to pay 300 for each seperaTe vendor- so if you have a phographer and makeup artist the u have 2 vendor fees, plus if they bring any assistants then its an additional 80 for each assistant from what i understand- ive asked. So for my makeup artist i found joni powell with gourmet makeup and i will travel to her salon 15 min away for 80 bucks instead of paying 300 to get her in. I am also wanting to get married on the beach i told them hat and they sent me back my forms having the ceremony location in gazebo so i have an email i to that question. I also am getting the 4 post bamboo arch wih sheer draping and ribbon. It is 450. If you bring anything they need to set up there fees start at 50 and can go up from there. I was planning on bringing my phone with music but they offer there sound system for 180 and im wondering if they will handle playing the music, if so im just gunna pay for that to so i dont have to worry about it. Im sure your makeup hair people could help you put on your dress there prob used to it i would ask them. I also dont thing that the dinner for 2 come in the wedding package- i believe its in the honeymoon package but you have to pay for that package if you want it. Hope i answered your questions- let me know if you have anymore i know it can be frustrating! This site helped me alot.
  6. I just hired mine. Joni powell from gourmet makeup. I will b traveling to her for my sept wedding at secrets.
  7. They havent contacted me yet but july 30th is 2 months away! It says in there package they need the documents 2 months in advance so its going down there this week!
  8. As im sitting outside in 79 degree weather in my bikini im starting to think getting married on a beach when the typical high is 87 in september im starting to think this was a bad idea and i just might die in my dress! Lol. For brides who have gone, when and really was it that hot and unbarable?!
  9. 100 days away for me! Im very excited and finally have all my major stuff planned, next week i will b sending my documents down there!
  10. I booked gourmet makeup by joni powell for my september 30th wedding at secrets but umi will b traveling to her so i dont have to pay resort fees!
  11. Packages are about 1000-2500 i think. Mines 1500 and that is 6 1/2 hrs unlimited pics and a book. Great price and seems like s great photographer.
  12. How did get around not paying the vendor fee ?!
  13. Sorry i meant Gourmet Makeup by Joni Powell
  14. has anyone actually used loni. I heard she has an at home studio close to montego bay so you can go to her instead of paying the vendor fee to come to you- I dont know how jamaica is off resort and if its safe- anyone know?
  15. My wedding is booked at wild orchid for september 30th. I booked visual embrace as my photographer. My bouquets i bought on etsy fake silk flowers and my 2 bridesmaids dresses are purple from macys. My dress is by san patrick. Ill be getting chinese lanterns to release and i think ill get some parasols for picture props. Im still deciding on makeup and hair by rashel since it will be about 500, my fiance would prob kill me if he found out i spent that for makeup but i think ill just do it
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