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  1. Thanks for sharing ladies! Good Luck! & Congratulations! All great info! For Aruba brides - I also heard somewhere on here that Aruba Aloe lets you purchase bulk travel size bottles but in cases of 96 but I don't know if you can split it between different products - if anyone knows please contact me!
  2. RobinLynn16 - When me and my FI went back in Nov. 2010 we stayed at teh Riu resort which many locals are not fans of, however we had a great time. It's AI including imported liquors etc. Room Service. Within walking distance to shops, Senor Frogs the pier. We had a great time and would go their for our wedding except for guests that don't stay there have to pay an exorbanent fee to get on the beach for your wedding which I feel is ridiculous to pay on top of what you're paying them for holding the wedding on their beach. So we've decided to go wtih Renaissance Island but I can't find many brides reviews for Aruba in general at all! Good Luck to you!
  3. Has anyone used wedsite? I started our wedding website with them but now after look at some great things you all did I feel like I don't have room or the option for Island info separate from Resort info and any Reception Music Requests or even FAQ's, since it doesn't seem to have fillable forms. Any advice anyone? It does have a lot that I do like however I'm not sure how long it's been since they've updated their capabilities.
  4. I'm also trying to get to 150 posts but it says I have 3 thread posts but I show nothing! Ugh! I wish I knew how this counted, anyone know?
  5. I've gone to Aruba.com's website for more info and available maps & info to put in my passport invites and found really great info - from what I hear there DJ Tino Daal is the best around! Difficult to find though since his site is usually down! Good Luck to you!
  6. I love the info I also found on a destination wedding details website and she gives a coupon code for 20% off I think and highly recommended wedsite.com I think a year is $49 but to have your custom www.yourname.com it's an additional $19.00 per year
  7. Hi all! I'm for getting up to 150 posts to be able to download templates also and I guess I've got time since today I found out our wedding will need to be rescheduled from Oct. 3rd 2014 to likely May 2015! I'm hoping to be able to download the Boarding Pass Save the Dates and print them then mount them to Magnets. Most places are sooo expensive and not exactly what I'm looking for. Then I'll figure out how I'm going to tackle the Passport Invites with Luggage Tag RSVP's! Good Luck to you all trying to get to 150, this is only # 1 for me, so I've got a LONGGGG way to go yet!
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