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  1. I also sent my coordinator pictures of bouquets that I did like and she sent me back some quotes. Many were crazy expensive so I ended up going with the color palette I liked in flowers that were included. They will work with you in them, just send pictures!
  2. We used a credit card. I wouldn't really really about fraud or anything, most credit cards are protected against them if you have unauthorized usage on them. Our biggest issue was that when we were trying to pay there was a big rainstorm and it was messing the system up so it kept saying the card was declined. We spent a good couple hours trying to pay...and finally had to go down to their accounting room in the basement and pay using the old school method of that little machine that you put your card in and it makes the imprint...it all worked out though! If anything I would say find a credit
  3. We stayed for two weeks. It was definitely worth it, although that was the only perk from our travel agent and hotel. So we didn't have to pay for the second week. We really really wanted to go to another hotel for the second week as we had a ton of our guests staying two weeks or over lapping our second week but we would have had to pay so we just stayed there. If we had to do it again, we would have left the resort for another one for sure!! It was awesome and nice to spend time with all of our family and friends for two whole weeks, but we wanted to have a little down time to ourselves! Oh
  4. Yay! Your big day is coming up so quickly!! I agree with you that you don't need the extra appies, we had 80 people and I think I got enough for 50. I will say that by the time we got to the cocktail hour it was pretty slim pickings for what was left! But all if my guests said they were delicious! I would say to get your photographer to swing by the cocktail hour to take a few photos of the appies and drinks though as the presentation was pretty nice. And that's basically the only way I saw what there was! I am certain I was charged a set up fee of about the same amount but that included
  5. The pricing for the centrepieces were crazy! We ended up using the one included at the head table, and the. I brought down table runners, table numbers, tea light candles and candle holders wrapped in twine, and paper bag luminaries with an led light in them for the tables. It looked beautiful, was relatively easy to pack and not very expensive either!
  6. Hi! Yay, May 6 is coming up so quickly! You must be so excited! In connecting with the wedding coordinators, I never actually spoke to anyone on the phone, my coordinator was Isela and she was fantastic, it seems like they do nothing but everything comes together quite easily once you are there and have your meeting with them! I actually only emailed back and forth about three times besides sending in my final wedding package papers and then made sure I asked any questions during the meeting with her. As for the wifi, the unlimited connectivity sort of began while we were there, it is mor
  7. Yup! I am an old married lady now! Pregnant even! The hubs and I were just talking about how last year at this time we really just got into wedding planning mode and only one short year later here we are married with our first little human on the way!! Happy planning!!
  8. We chose the now jade because of how beautiful and modern the hotel looked I guess you just really have to know what it is you are looking for!!
  9. Hey!! So many weddings coming up! Just thought I would share this since I cannot figured out how to load photos on here very easily! If anyone is on Instagram, there are a bunch of photos from our guests with the hashtag #diggleswedding2014 if you would like to see our ceremony and reception set up and a bunch of other crazy photos of our amazing wedding weeks!!
  10. I can say they others are correct. You can choose two mains. You just have to be able to differentiate who gets what main at the tables. They will also give veggie or gluten free meals to whoever needs those. I was going to go this route, but then it became too much of a hassle with 80 guests so we just made the decision for the beef and it was amazing. Seriously, people said it was the best meal they had the whole vacation.
  11. That sounds horrible! I would say to slather in coconut oil three times a day to get it all healed up before leaving to Mexico! As for Costco, your Canadian membership is valid anywhere in the world! I think you might be able to go online and people order flowers as well. I'm not positive though as we did minimal flowers that were included in our wedding package(still looked absolutely beautiful) and we didn't use any sparklers. Good luck! And speedy healing!
  12. We had 80 people last October at the Now Jade, our total for the wedding was about $12,000. This included the ceremony, cocktail hour, private dinner, the included photographer and videographer in the package as well as our own photographer that we brought with us, DJ. We extended the reception by two hours. We brought our own decorations, gave our guests mason jar travel mugs instead of an OOT bag(biggest hit with our guests!). My ring is not included as my husband bought both my engagement ring and band as a set. His ring we actually got off Etsy and has my fingerprint engraved on the inside
  13. I would ask the wedding coordinator, they are pretty good. We had 80 people at our wedding in October in the bamboo room. We had a head table with 10 people at the front of the room in front of the bamboo wall, and then 7 tables of 10 people. The tables did not feel cramped with 10 at them although there were kids at most tables. The tables were also done in a semi circle around the head table with the middle area open for a dance floor. I basically asked the coordinator how we should set them up and she gave me great direction.
  14. So beautiful! We just used the videographer for the ceremony, and it turned out fantastic as well, they did the whole ceremony which was about 25 minutes long! I will try to post it one day when I can figure out how to do that! I was pretty impressed with how artistic they are!
  15. Our ceremony was later, and my DH and I had breakfast together that morning, wandered around and talked to people around the pool, organized all his stuff in his dad's room where he got ready, then he went off with his groomsmen and I grabbed a latte, enjoyed the rest of the morning chatting with people. We had 80 guests so there were always people around!! It was very relaxed and lovely! Then I wandered back to my room...and had to wait on it being cleaned(despite having requested it be cleaned first thing!!) I wouldn't plan anything specific for the day of...you don't want to be rushed o
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