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  1. OMG! Yes just one more week! So just today all the planning and contracts were finalized! Crazy how just a week before it got done! Valeria was amazing with all the planning and answering all my unknowns. Planner1 ...... Well that's another story! Nevertheless it's all done now and I just wait a couple of days before we are in paradise! Cants wait to see @@FutureMrsNash on her big day! Ill be sure to post all my experiences on here after so future brides get an idea of what's to come, especially you @@MissFrench
  2. First of all thanks to @@KayRae, your post has been the MOST detailed of all 223 pages! You have reassured everything I am planning on doing! I think the most common things for everyone are trying to keep the cost down, how to travel with decorations and the group activities that we can have while at the resort! @@FutureMrsNash I am getting married April 25th, 3 days after yours! We arrive on the 21st so I will actually be there to see you wonderful wedding planning come to life! Maybe you can recycle some of your decorations with me!!? what is your theme, colors, etc? I am just this month finalizing things with Valeria, she has been pretty prompt and explains everything well. we are having our ceremony on the beach gazebo and reception at the world cafe. We have not determined the cocktail hour location. What do you ladies recommend? Our group is a total of 34 (including us). We are traveling with several decorations as I found planner1 events pricing to be a little too much for me. I will have 6 silver lanterns Canvas gift bags, with several goodies inside Table overlays and chair sashes Lots of ribbon 6 vases Candles for lanterns And a couple other miscellaneous items The bridesmaids and parents will be helping us carry some of the stuff so I'm pretty confident that we will be able to transport everything I've bought so far! @@KayRae and @@FutureMrsNash What I am actually worried about is my hair and makeup. As you know this is included in the package. Was it convenient? Will it be just what I want? What about for my guests. Of course all the girls are beginning to ask where they can do their hair, and really all I can say is contact the spa. But I wish I had more info on this. What about the food that is included in the gold menu? Was it good? Although we get the gold menu, I think I like the silver menu options better! Could we possibly mix and match? I saw you had certain flowers in mind but after the quote changed to roses. Is the rose flower going to be the cheapest I can get for bridesmaids bouquets? I will be using my bridesmaid bouquets as the flowers for center pieces so this is why I will be bringing my own vases. Hope to hear from both of you soon. Maybe you ladies could pm me if needed. 5more weeks! Very excited too!
  3. I found these you tube video of wedding venues within secrets. Hope it's useful. From what I see on my contract the package price is the price, no added charges. Because I am over the 20guests package that's where I started getting charged the tax and service. You won't find the list on their website. You have to ask for it. I have it though if you want to PM me I can send it to you.
  4. Has anyone brought their decorations with them? If so what kind? Seems anything that is not included in the wedding package is way overpriced. Is rather bring it with me but don't know if there are things they restrict. These are some of the things I want to bring: candles, table overlays or runners, vases, Chinese white paper lanterns (maybe for this they will charge an installation fee), help!?
  5. I am hesitant to begin doing any alterations/changes based on all the feedback on this blog. Seems that all issues reported with any vendor were size and alterations. Maybe it's just me but once I start expecting perfection I may just be disappointed. Instead if I get a cookie cutter size I know I have my alteration options at home. Also based on my measurements it is very close to their charts. Am I crazy??
  6. I have finally read thru all pages of this blog! Learned a lot and I'm convinced, buying my dress on dhgate and already have my eye Oma couple vendors. Thanks to all!!! But I saw most brides have actually custom ordered their draw whether it was style or size. I'm a pretty everage size and was just thinking of ordering a regular size. I only saw one post that said to order one size bigger so that I can make alterations if necessary. So my questions: Has anyone ordered a regular size from their charts? Should I order a size bigger that what I normally am? Is it easy to make he alterations once I have the dress here in the US? I would assume as long as I find a good seemstress/tailor I should be ok right? Thanks again!
  7. Hello Brides. After much research I decided on Secrets Maroma. It offered everything I wanted, great beach, great reviews, all-inclusive and no kids, sorry for my nieces and nephews but like previous brides have stated this is the bride and grooms day. When I first started I was between excellence, playacar and maroma. I compared all the reviews and excellence and maroma were the runner ups, however you couldn't beat the beach on maroma. Yes maroma is a bit on the pricier side and it feels awful to make family pay to attend your wedding. What I have tried to do is rather than being all about the wedding we are making it a family (large family) vacation . Seems silly but so far it's working! Next thing I did was look for a travel agent in my city/state that specialized in maroma resorts. I didn't want to just hire any TA. So I found two, after interviewing them, I fell in love with one and she has been amazing with all info and getting me in contact with the resort. While I don't have set prices yet, since its a 2015 wedding, I have been keeping an eye out for all sorts of sales/promotions for the resort, and looks like they have them year round. Hopefully with a promo plus a group discounts prices won't be as bad. Not worried about airfare since its pretty steady pricing year round. One thing I'd recommend is to sign up for the resort newsletter/email updates, FB them, place them on your Pinterest! You will be surprised as to how much info you can find out from postings. I still have not started any planning, other than the confirmed reserved date for 2015 , I'm starting a bit early just so I don't panic at the end. Happy planning!
  8. I'd be interested in attending a Secrets Resorts webinar! Maroma to be more specific for 2014 brides.
  9. I'd like to see them too! Have any of you looked at uploaded pictures on tripadvisor? Although they are more travel pictures they still Include a lot of the wedding locations and you can kind of get an idea to how it looks.
  10. Hi I was hoping you could send me the ppt of the locations. We are having our wedding in 2015 and would love to see the options. My email is baezsolano@yahoo.com Thank!
  11. Hello I am new to site and will have my wedding at SMS in 2015. I was wondering if you could send me the ppt you have of the venues. Here is my email baezsolano@yahoo.com
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