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  1. Hello there!!! I just got married on May 9th at the Sunset Gazebo, with a private reception at the Chill Out. It is intact 40 people minimum!!! I had 48 guest, of which 13 were kids (3 of them infants). So they only really charged me 5 guest extra at Child prize, cause the infants were lap held. You do however, have to pay a min. of 40 adults, even if you have a few kids in that count. If it's above 40, you can ask them to charge you for extras at children fee (which it's like $50 something). About the WC not responding, i had the same issue. Once i was there, I understood why. It's a very popular wedding resort, and believe me….they are great at it! Therefore, they are super busy. The week I was there, they had 3 to 4 weddings per day. The grounds are beautiful, the service was great with the exception of a few bartenders, food not the greatest but the Chill Out menu was awesome. BUT…. everything that was wedding related from beginning to end was just perfect! I loved Monserrat and we were happy to give her a big fat tip, cause she damn right deserved it! Good luck, don't stress and stop going to those Wedding show they're a waste of time. You can create perfect in your mind, without the"expert" advise from anyone…. and trust me, i'm not even creative lol.
  2. HI guys!!! My big day is just a few weeks away Can't explain in words the amount of excitement and nerves i'm starting to feel. I have one big problem though….. I have been trying to contact Monserrat for almost a month now and have not heard back. If any of you talk to the wedding coordinator (Monserrat) please PLEEEEAAASE tell her to contact me. I was suppose to give my last payment by April and I sent her the authorization letter singed already, for them to take the payment….. and she has not reply at all. I'm so nervous, and sacred she'll turn around and say i was too late to make the last payment or something crazy like that. I swear i have sent her 5 emails already and even try to contact the hotel by phone. Please help, I'm freaking out!!! Ohhhhh and my name is Analia, set to get married May 9th, 2014 under the Sunset Gazebo at 4pm. THanks!!
  3. Hi mandabear80!!! Thanks for that heads up!!! I have decided NOT to go for the resort photographer. I really don't like their pics…. unless someone can miraculously show me good pics from them. I will however stick to their DJ… i have no choice:/ I don't want to spend more money on a local DJ, who i will also have to pay their entrance to…. F$#@ that! lol On a better note!!! I really think I have chosen the Photographer (MTM). They are so awesome, I just wish that it would be a little cheaper or at least more time for the price. To have to pay thousands for just a couple of hours, stresses me out. How much would you say it's normal, too much, or cheap for wedding photography???
  4. Hi all!! I'm surprise that i never knew about this group, until 2 minutes ago; although I have been in BDW for a year now. Anyways, I'm getting married this year in May 9th (2014). My fiancé and I chose the Sunset gazebo, with the Chill-Out reception afterwards… which it seems to me that it is a popular choice. Araceli is my wedding coordinator, and so far have had a good experience with her. I want to ask a few things though….. Mariachis! did you have them play in your wedding? were they good? DJ - Does he play good music? Does he play what you want him to play? Is it a good system he has? Junior suites - are they okay looking? do you recommend i upgrade? Location - Is the resort far from 5 avenida? Food - What are your honest opinion? Another thing i'd like to know, generally when there's a big group travelling together…. do they set up your rooms on the area of the resort and close to each other??? Any suggestions or tips you may have, i'll take it all. Thanks so kindly, Analia
  5. Hey guys!! I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for me regarding their hair dresser. I have already talked to my WC, and she gave me an email address to contact them myself to book appt. However, does anyone know about how well they do hairstyles or even If you have pictures of what they did. I would really appreciate it! I'm trying to figure out if I should go ahead and make the appt with them or look for outside hair an makeup. Please and thanks in advance for any help you can give.
  6. Hi DannaeS1!! I'm having the reception dinner on the Chill Out and I only paid $200 for the deposit. I'm also debating whether to go for an outside photographer because their picture samples look JUST okay.
  7. Hi all!!! Now I'm starting to move on to my my phase 2 planning.... picking flowers, cake, chairs and all of that good stuff (all the option that the resort gives to you at least). However, I have a few questions and hope you guys can help me out...... Does anyone know of how good their DJ is, as well as the photographers???? I can NOT imagine playing music out of a CD PLAYER on the day of my wedding, so i'm really concerned about the whole music thing. I want to be able to party and dance on that day, so music is essential to me. Not sure if I should look for an outside photographer or if the resort ones are good enough, if anyone has any tips, advice or has had some experience with their photographer please help!! Thanks!!
  8. Hi Kaed!! Finally I can say the same, I have about 35 people confirmed so things are looking up. I might be getting my dress next week!!!!!! So excited!!
  9. Hello!! Yes they did ask me for that, and I thought it to be weird as well. However, after i did i kept a real close tap on my credit card activity and all was good. It's been 3 months that i did that, and still everything has been legit and save! oh and yes!!... I completely agree with keeping a copy of all your emails and bringing it down on the day of your wedding. Cheers!!!
  10. Hi Kaed!! Nice to meet you! Yes I have already been in contact with the wedding coordinator at GSP. EVerything is booked for May 9th, 2014 under the SunsetPrincess Gazebo and private deck dinner reserved as well. My only issue now are the guest I have already coordinated the travel package and everything, I have made it so easy for them to pay their deposits and what not. Yet I have struggled to get even 7 people ONLY to book so far. It's a little disappointing, and I can help to think that maybe most of my guest won't go including some really close friends :/ Mehhh, what are you gonna do right.
  11. Well, I actually already confirmed my wedding at Grand Sunset! They have two really cute gazebos on the beach. There's a few pictures that photographers have uploaded on this site and you will see what i'mm talking about. You could just tell everyone to go their own way, and they probably would be able to find better deals but it's not convenient to you. I also don't think you can book a wedding package at the resorts unless you have a group with you of at least 10 people. Tips: If you want to do a wedding website invite, you should check out www.wedsite.com. I did mine with them, and I'm really happy with it. They give you a free trial of 10 days.
  12. No, for everything! airfare + accommodation. This was for the Ocean Coral Turquesa, double occupancy rate (with Sunwing). The GSP one that I booked is for May 4th- May 11th 2014 at 1240.00 + 197.00 tax (double occupancy) Children are 599 + 197 tax. Not bad.
  13. Is that the total cost, including airfare??? If that's so, I'm just wandering why my TA kept on telling me it's over my budget without giving me an actual quote. It's actually not that bad though! I have already been told that it is affordable, but I have a sneaky suspicion that she works closely with Sunwing and Sunwing doesn't have affiliation with Playacar Resort. Regardless, just like you.... i've already booked my resort. So what's done it's done, and the more I learn from it the more I like it! On another note...Not sure how your guest are reacting to you invitation as of now, but in my end, the most important ones are all on board. However, I have a few that can't keep their comments to themselves, such as "why do you want a destination wedding, it's so inconvenient to everyone". And stupid things like such. Reason why i'm bring this up is cause like you say, it's tough to ask your love ones to make this kind of spending, but at the end of the day it's your's and your's fiancee's day. All those who really matter will be there, no questions asked. The ones that will nag about it, we can do without! lol. I have been too concerned about everyone's feelings, but I can't please everyone. In this is the one time, that i have to please myself above all others. (This calls for a "difficult guest" forum LOL) So enjoy your planning and this ones in a life time experience!! (all else will follow)
  14. Lol, I was too talking to Bella. I'm sure yours is going to be breath taking too, and to be completely fair I would have done a Playacar wedding too if it wasn't for my loud family and friends. Also, although location is great so your guest can go out and do a lot of different things; I just didn't want to choose my resort based in that fact. I feel bad enough having my love ones spend so much money on my destination wedding, that I just wanted to go for a place that has a lot to offer in their all inclusive packages. That way they don't really have to spend money else where to part take in other activities. You know what I mean?!
  15. Well, like I mentioned earlier. I actually end up booking at Grand Sunset Riviera. I'm very happy with my choice because they have two great options of beautiful gazebos. Beautiful beach, great location, and it's got great reviews regarding their entertainment and fun environment. My thing is..., hey, I'm out here to live, experience and celebrate one of the greatest days in my life. Why should I end up choosing a place that targets the retire old couples such as Playacar does.It was when my best friend who knows me very well, came back from a Mexican (Playa del Carmen) vacation. Her being the greatest friend ever, went and stay 2 nights and three days at each of my 3 last contender resorts just so she can give me the most real and honest review I'll ever get. Playacar, she said was beautiful and good food, but she had to go out at night cause she couldn't deal with the boredom there. The good thing is that it is at the heart of Playa del Carmen, so many things to do outside of it. Having that said, my stay would be for my WEDDING. So all though a gorgeous small resort would be nice, I rather focus more on the whole big picture. My BFF did love Secrets resort the most, but it is an adult only resort and I have my lil munchkins that are the most important people in out great event and MUST be there. So GSP it is!!!! So far everything is going so great and smooth. The wedding coordinator is very nice and is quick to reply to all my msgs.
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