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    Secrets Maroma Beach
  2. @KayRae @MissFrench Kayla! Did you tip any vendors? bartenders? DJ? I've been reading in some of the forums here that people are tipping?? I wasn't expecting this!?
  3. @@KayRae Thanks so much for responding!! I am definitely considering having the bonfire/open bar 2 days before now! I really want people to let loose and have a good time and not worry about being hung over at the wedding the next day!! I'm probably going to wing it on the "rehearsal dinner" too. I have 30 guests though! I might just tell people to come if they want I wish I knew how to post pictures on here! I'd show you some!! I'm packing a ton of stuff too! Welcome bags, fans, playing cards, hang over kit, sun kit, centerpieces, rose petals, aisle decor, and im carrying my bou
  4. @@KayRae WOW! Thank you for posting all of that information! I'm getting married there April 22! We leave the 19th!!! First of all CONGRATS!!! You're wedding was AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL!!! You're photography was stunning! Its funny you have a lot of similar things as me! My fiancé and I have been together for almost 7 years so saying "husband" is going to be weird too! I am also doing coral colors! We're getting married at the gazebo and having the reception at the barracuda terrace. We are also doing a bonfire! I planned on the day before the wedding but if you think people will
  5. How many songs do you need for the ceremony? A few while the guestsunami are seating, one for when the guys walk in? And one for you walking, then one for you leaving? I don't know formal terms but is that right?
  6. @@MissFrench yes I'm actually working with both Valeria and Cecilia. Valeria is kinda sick I believe. Email me I can give u the planner1 info Kja004@hotmail.com
  7. Hey!! I am getting married there in April!! I just got i contact with her and it kind of took a few emails to get a response. Then were emailed back and forth a few times and since Friday I haven't heard back....The waiting game can be very frustrating!! 2 weeks is ridiculous. If I don't here anything in 2 to 3 days I email AGAIN and AGAIN!
  8. Hey ladies!! I'm looking for Spanish Phrases For Dummies®, Mini Edition book. Is anyone selling these? I need 20! Thank you!!! XOXO
  9. I totally booked with SMB too and its a little more pricey but my fiancé and I couldn't be happier with out choice!!!! YOU ARE NOT SELFISH!!!!!
  10. Hey there!! I'm getting married in April 2014 and its sneaking up on me!!! With only 7 months away I've just started back up looking at reviews and details at Secrets Maroma.
  11. Hey Brides! I am only getting vague pictures from Cecilia on what the reception locations look like! Does anyone have pictures of the outside and inside of the World Cafe Terrace? Is it on the 1st or 2nd floor? I really would like to see how it looks so I can know how to decorate!! Thanks!! xoxoxo Kristen
  12. Hey Everyone! Newbie here! I'm pretty sure I want to have my DW in St. Lucia but I am having a hard time deciding where! Does anyone have any advice? Best resorts? Beaches? All-inclusive? or not? Should I do everything through a resort? or personalize everything through a wedding planner? What is more cost effective? I live in Texas so flight will be about $500-600 a person. I dont know where to start!! I really want a nice wedding and reception and the scenery is important to me for pictures and a good time! I want a really nice wedding for the best deal a
  13. This is a review of:

    Moments That Matter Photography

    If you don't pick MTM Photography, you will be disappointed!

    Pros: Everything you could ever ask for in beautiful pictures!
    Cons: Nothing!!
    I almost just stuck with the resort photographer just to save a few bucks until I saw a side by side comparison of MTM professional photography and the resort photography! I am beyond thrilled with our photos that Lincoln and Silvia took! All I can remember thinking was," That day went by so fast...I'm starting to forget details!!" Soon enough...I received my photos and so much joy and happiness was brought back into our lives reminiscing our beautiful wedding day!    [sharedmedia=gallery:albu
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