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  1. We are flying Air Transat as well, we fly at 7am on Sunday the 17th :-) maybe I will see you there, we have some wacky bride/groom shirts for all of us so we won't be hard to spot lol
  2. We fly out of Vancouver BC on Nov 17, so excited. Where are you flying from? I wish I was as organized as you lol I haven't even started to pack yet
  3. I am on the fence about my oot bags :-/ what are you putting in yours?
  4. We bought them from Lamore bridal in kelowna British Columbia
  5. We chose pomegrant, medium silver and black for our colors. This is what my bridesmaid dresses look like.
  6. Walking down the isle to "Bless the broken road" by rascal flats, still not sure on the rest :-/
  7. My guys are wearing off white linen pants ( I don't want them to white or my dress will look dull ), my groom will have a black dress shirt and the groomsmen will have a dark silver dress shirt. I think we will just have them wear sandals :-)
  8. We booked our wedding through Marlin travel and we have had nothing but issues, we will never book another holiday through them. Our travel agent seems to be out of the office more than in, she encouraged us to book our wedding in November because she said it would be slower and we would have more choices for the date of the wedding.... When she finally got the date we found out that we will arrive on the Sunday but not get married until the Friday :-/ unknown to her there are 2 holidays the week we are going, something a travel agent should know. She then emailed me 2 weeks ago to tell me that we could not get the wedding package we wanted because Transat is no longer doing wedding packages with the resort but they would honor the most expensive package for us. I got a little upset and then she emailed back and said to to worry about it she has a few avenues she can go up to make it work for us??? Not really sure why a travel agent would stress out a bride 2 months before her wedding is she new she could make it happen :-/
  9. Bettyuff- Where are you flying from? We took a package from Transat and then did some upgrades so we can have a semi-private reception on the beach. With our Transat package we wouldn't have had a head table or a place to have our first dance. We arrive on the 17th and leave on the 24th :-)
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