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  1. Do you have any pictures of the flower girl baskets and ring bearer sets?
  2. I really wanted to choose a colour that would pop in pictures, but I don't want to it to clash with all the pink. I actually decided to contact the designer of the wedding package to ask her advice. Surprisingly, she got back to me and gave me lots if great ideas based what type of look I was going for. She happened to suggest a colour that I was starting to consider after seeing pictures of this beautiful wedding.
  3. I could really use some advice from you girls. The resort where I am getting married only offers packages in certain, pre-determined colours. I have fallen in love with the pink package, like in the picture below. However, it will be set up on the beach. Although I love this colour, I'm having a hard time deciding what colour my bridesmaids should wear. Any suggestions?
  4. My fiancé and I were thinking of treating our guests to something as well. I'll be keepIng an eye on this thread for ideas.
  5. Thanks for all the info. We've decided to go with West Jet. I feel more comfortable with them as they seem to be a bit more reliable, plus they have a lot more choices in terms of flights. Sunwing and Air Transat only fly to Cancun once a week from Edmonton in the summer. We didn't like Air Transat's flight times, especially since they could change at any time. And, I just haven't heard good things about Sunwing, which made me nervous. In the end, our price for West Jet was pretty comparable to the other quotes we received, so I'm happy.
  6. I'm currently in the process of getting quotes from travel agents for my wedding next summer. And, I'm starting to feel overwhelmed... First of all, all the quotes that I'm receiving are higher than what I was expecting to pay for our vacation. I'm worried that our guests, many of whom said they were going to come, are going to change their mind once they see the prices. I'm trying to choose the best travel agent and tour operator in order to get the best group rate for our group, but it's not easy. My first choice would be to travel with West Jet, as I've always had good experiences with them and they seem to have a pretty good reputation. The problem is that their prices are higher, especially for those with kids, than Air Transat and Sunwing. I want to go with one of the cheaper companies, but I'm worried as I've heard many stories of flights being changed and canceled at the last minute. In fact, one of the travel agents told me that she doesn't work with Sunwing anymore because of their constantly changing flights, which have affected her clients and their wedding guests in the past. So what do you think? Pay a bit extra and go with West Jet or save a few bucks and risk having flight schedules changed/canceled before the big day?
  7. Ironman, you were right! Kristy from Pose Travel is awesome! She already phoned me and has given me much more information and better quotes than anyone else so far. Thank you so much for recommending her.
  8. Liana, what kind of quotes have you getting from travel agents for next summer? I'm also from Edmonton and will be getting married around the same time as you. I've only received one quote so far, but it's a bit more than I was expecting and hoping for.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation. I've sent her an email. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
  10. Any recommendations for a good travel agent in the Edmonton area?
  11. Just out of curiosity, are any of you switching resorts after the wedding? Many of our guests have indicated that they'd like to stay at the resort for 10 days. This means that my fiancé and I won't really have any alone time at all, begore or after our wedding. At first I was planning on just staying at the same resort for our second week, but now we're considering switching to another resort a few days after the wedding to have some privacy and a real honeymoon. What are you all doing? Pamela
  12. My fiancé and I are trying to decide on a wedding date for our wedding next summer in the Mayan Riviera. We have it narrowed down to two dates, but we can't seem to agree on which date would be best for most of our guests. Choice A - Wednesday, July 16. Our group would likely depart from Edmonton on Saturday, July 12 and return on Saturday, July 19. Some may stay longer, if they choose to do so. Choice B - Friday, August 1. In this case, our group would probably depart on Sunday, July 27 and return on Sunday, August 3 of the long weekend. Again, some may chose to stay longer, if they choose to do so. Our question is this... Do you think that our guests would prefer to travel during a regular week (choice A) or travel during a long weekend (choice ? Keep in mind that both options would require our guests to use 5 vacation days, if they come for the week. Thoughts???
  13. Now that I'm really starting to plan my wedding, I have all sorts of questions. I'm sure that you girls will be able to help me out though. First of all, what time would you suggest having the ceremony? We are wanting to get married at the beach pergola and then have a private reception at La Laguna. I don't want there to be too much time between the ceremony and the reception, but I also don't want to be rushed with the pictures and such. Also, I'm a bit confused about when to send out the wedding invites. I would like to send them out once everything is confirmed, so that I can include details about the travel package, as well as my travel agents contact information. The problem is that once everything is confirmed, and I pay my deposit, my guests only have 30-60 days to book as a part of our group. I'm concerned that I won't have enough time to order and send out all my invites, and still give my guests enough time to book. Thoughts?
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