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  1. Gratuities are not included. I tipped the photographer, each bartender (2) and the DJ each $50. I gave the wedding coordinator $60. I had no idea what to do either so I still don't know if this was way off or not. The DJ cost was $683 or some odd number. My total poolside reception price was $2600 for 53 people. That included the DJ, 2 bartenders just for us (the service they gave myself and my husband especially was phenomenal, hunting us down and always making sure our glasses were never empty without ever having to ask for anything), lights, seating and basic decoration.
  2. Bring your music on Ipod with a playlist ready to be cued up. They prefer it to CD. If he had a computer, I just didn't notice. Probably, though. He was able to accommodate all requests my guests made. For the ceremony, you provide the music. 1 song for the processional, 2 for the signing of the documents, and 1 song for the recessional. I just had to hand the coordinator the IPod and she had a sound guy there to take care of it. They did a nice fade-out when the songs ran too long (like at the signing) and made everything blend together nicely. I am anal like that so I brought my own reception music on my IPod as well. Lots of party tunes. I was sure happy I did, because they music the DJ chose to play on his own for all the receptions I saw (lots) before and after our wedding day didn't get people dancing as much as what I chose. You know your guests best.
  3. Yes, the wedding dinner counts as an a la carte so they each had 3 left over to use whenever they wanted.
  4. I tipped each bartender (2), the photographer and the DJ $50 each. I have no idea if this is not enough or what but I wouldn't go less, personally, because they did a good job. The photographer was with us for 7 hrs without even taking a break. I gave the wedding coordinator $60, which again, I have no idea if that's appropriate or not... I totally forgot about this and had to have a friend go to my room for me (twice!) to grab cash from my safe. I'm glad this was brought up because I did want to recommend other brides think about this beforehand, unlike myself!
  5. Yes, included in that pricing is dinner. It's included in the wedding package. I didn't get a video. They wanted something like another $1000-1500 USD more (I forget how much but it was laughable). And I don't regret it, either. The pics for me are enough. I don't think you could have music at the dinner. I tried to have the musical trio at dinner and Eugenia told me it would be too loud. She was right. Plus it is semi-private, yeah.
  6. I think 3pm is fine. But the cocktail hour is more money. Why such a short reception? Where's the other 1/2 hr? I recommend paying for the DJ and doing your own playlist on the iPod. The music the DJs played was terrible, Nd hardly anyone danced at any of the receptions I saw. But it's nice for the lighting and for guests to be able to make requests. One of my guests requested "Home for a Rest", a Canadian staple that I missed on my list, and it got everyone dancing in a circle and jigging and whatnot
  7. The DJ was $630 USD. I think the lights are fun, I think they just helped the party. Our reception was in Akumal and the loud pool. There was ample room for dancing for all 53 of us. Dinner was in Frutos Del Mar but the menu was from Dolce Vita. We had the truffle chicken and it looked boring but people loved it. Very tasty and nothing too weird for picky guests. We had the 3 milks cake. Other brides on this site recommended it and it was delicious! All in all we paid $4800 CAN for 53 guests. The package was Unforgettable at $1620. That included the ceremony, extra bottles of Moët (which went over large! Excellent choice), and a full bar reception. No extra fliers or decorations from the resort. We provides seashells for the dinner table decoration and they looked great but next time is probably save my money there. We also provided 20 disposable cameras at dinner for our guests, gave everyone a 20oz Bubba keg, and handed out glow-in-the-dark necklaces, brackets and aviators at the reception. The photos are AMAZING with everyone lit up. Photography was $3100 additional - which is know is ridiculous. However, I'd rather pay more than organize a photographer in Canada coming down with us. It was more than the original package but I chose to buy ALL the photos the photographer took and unknown I was swindled but don't care. I used the resort photographer. I had Martin who was great, and helped contribute to the party. Just to be clear: Unforgettable package $1620 Reception: $2680 Extra champagne: $225 Photography: $3100 I'd post pics but I'm having internet problems right now. I can only use my phone. When I get it fixed, hopefully ASAP, I'll post.
  8. So we took everyone to Xel-ha, all 53 people, for the day. It was amazing and definitely worth the crazy cost. I would really recommend it! There was something for everyone to do, including a couple from our party who had mobility issues. So much fun!
  9. Also, the blood tests were no big deal at all. Quick and nearly painless.
  10. I tipped the wedding coordinators (she had a trainee), DJ, and 2 bar staff. The bar staff at the reception are amazing btw, constantly bringing the bride and groom drinks. I never had to ask for anything, and they called us by our names. And they partied with us and wore our glow-in-the-dark gear (aviators, brackets, necklaces). The witnesses stand up in front of everybody and sign 3 documents. 2 songs play during this time. I had just picked 4 people willy bully because I didn't understand that they literally have to at one point stand up for you, but they do. So pick people strategically (ie if I hadn't made it his parents and then mine = 4 his mother would have flipped).
  11. And if you have a 12 or 1pm ceremony, fight that!!!! Fight that until you are absolutely certain there is no other option. Change the location if you have to! We saw several brides in their full on hair and make up sitting in the heat at the snack bar just cooking in their dress...waiting, waiting, waiting for dinner. We also talked to some other guests who reported that had to get ready for the ceremony, then change back into their swimsuit or whatever, then later get ready all over again for the rest of the wedding. Plus, it leaves more time for people to get TOO drunk.
  12. Another thing is like to add is WEAR YOUR HAIR UP!!!!!! The brides that I saw (many) who had their hair down in some fashion all looked very different at the end of the night. I'd see them with beautiful curls at noon, and at the snack bar at the end of the night they looked raggedy. I wore a pin-up style from the resort hairdresser and it didn't move! Until I jumped in the pool, that is. But it lasted easily 10 hours just fine.
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