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  1. I feel like I'll never hit 150! Hopefully soon so I can open all these wonderful templates. In the meantime..if anyone could email them over i'd really appreciate it. Mamzaleg@@gmail.com Also, did you print the labels and stickers yourself? Or did you go through vistaprint or another company?
  2. Could someone be kind enough to email me the template as well? mamzaleg@@gmail.com Also, are you guys printing them yourselves using labels from a store, or going through a company?
  3. Can I have the template as well? Thank you so much!! Mamzaleg@@gmail.com
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by krobb317 Hi I'm a little late to the thread but Congrat! I am the week after you! May 23rd! I have Marisol as well…I asked her several questions about 10 days ago from her and haven't heard…are you experiencing this as well? Hi! I am getting married April 5, 2014 and have Marisol as my WC as well. It does take a decent amount of time for her to respond to questions. I admit that I am a bit of a control freak, but one thing that has worked for me is that we have scheduled regular phone conferences in addition to the back and forth emails. This allows me to know that I have a guaranteed time where we will talk. I also think she does a much better job of explaining things and answering questions over the telephone. We have had multiple phone calls for over an hour each and she seems very dedicated during these times. Hope that helps! I feel you though, it is a challenge!
  5. Thank you! You are totally right and that is what I need to keep reminding myself! With beautiful scenery and 90 friends and family surrounding us, the day will be wonderful regardless of wind and make up! Thanks for helping me keep things in perspective!!!
  6. Hi, We will be using the El Dorado Royale spa (not the casita spa) to get ready for the wedding. Has anyone used this spa before? I was just in a local wedding this past weekend and felt that my hair and makeup made a huge difference in how I felt. I am nervous about my hair and make up for the wedding. Does anyone have any pictures or recommendations for the spa? Or did anyone have a bad experience that I should know about? Thanks so much!
  7. Where did you get the zip bracelets? That sounds like a perfect idea! Thank you all so much for calming my fears. We are at 90 already confirmed. 5 months away, it's getting very real!!
  8. I'm getting married in April and due to our large group size, the white gazebo is our only reception option. I was thrilled about being near the water but all these posts have now made me super paranoid!! Will it be too windy?? Will my guests not enjoy it and get sandy food? Has anyone had their reception at the white gazebo? We are having a tent will that help? It won't have sides though? Your advice is appreciated!!! Also, can someone tell me if the resort uses key cards or actual keys? I am planning our welcome bags and we want a landyard in them. Thanks!!
  9. Hi Kelsey, I was running into the same issue with the casita spa. I have a fairly large group coming, and therefore a larger bridal party as well. There are 8 bridesmaids, plus me, my mom, grandma etc. and I was very concerned about being able to all get ready together. I am waiting for confirmation, but believe we got permission to reserve the entire El Dorado Royal spa (I think it's less fancy but I am okay with that), so we can all be there during the day getting ready together. This was quite a battle I had with my WC who until this choice could not guarantee me a space to get ready with my bridal party and family. Once I hear if it is confirmed I will let you know. Who is your wedding coordinator? Maybe you could ask about this option as well? Good luck! Maayan
  10. Hi! We are bringing over 100 guests to EDR for our wedding in April and I feel the exact same way! I keep asking why I'm being penalized for having a large group instead of given perks for bringing so many people. One of our biggest issues is the rehearsal dinner and the resort not allowing us to use the 40 person dinner as a part of this. Plus many more!! Have you found any helpful answers Paula?? Ps I'm from Chicago, right near by! Also, I've been researching the new wedding packages and I don't see any connection to Lomas travel. Did something happen or change? Can Anyone help me understand these new packages?? Thank you!!!
  11. Hi, I am very interested in doing a catamaran/snorkeling trip for my guests the Thursday before the wedding. I have received a price quote from one company, but am nervous their boat may be a bit small since we are expecting a larger group. Has anyone had a positive experience or heard of any reliable companies? We are looking for a private boat that will provide snacks and snorkeling. Any suggestions appreciated! Thank you!
  12. Amanda, Our wedding is the week after yours. We are using an outside photographer. It's a husband and wife team called Jennifer and Michael. I met them when I was in Mexico and really liked them!! Feel free to check them out! I am arriving on Monday, March 31st, will you still be there??
  13. Hi guys, Our wedding is in April and we have the white gazebo beach for the reception. This was really our only choice based on our large group size. I was super excited about it, but after reading the posts am now scared about wind and sand?? We are having a tented reception but the sides are open..is sand blowing into peoples eyes or food something I need to be worried about? Has anyone else had their reception at this location? Our ceremony is at gazebo 55 and I'm completely torn on decorations. Any other brides who had their ceremony there? If so, I'd love to see pictures for inspiration!! Lastly was anyone able to negotiate with the spa? I have a large bridal party and was hoping they'd come down from $85 for hair and $85 for make up for each girl. Suggestions?? Thanks so much!!!
  14. Hi everyone, I am so excited to announce that I have signed my contract! Ill be getting married at the El Dorado Royale April 5, 2014! With that being only 8 months away I'd love any advice or feedback from current or past EDR brides! We are estimating 80-100 guests and have reserved the white gazebo beach area for the reception. I was down at EDR last week and it was by far my favorite out of the 8 I visited. A few questions, Are you guys using the resort DJ? Florist? Spa for hair and make up? If so, where can I find the preferred vendor list? Any other ideas, advice etc is much appreciated!! Very excited to start the planning process! Thank you!
  15. Hi everyone, I have narrowed down my choices and Playacar palace is in my top 3. Why did you all choose this resort? We are estimating 60 guests and really want a smaller resort. We also want it to be cost efficient for our guests. My one concern is that we are getting married in April which is spring break, have you found the resort to be filled with kids? Does the playacar have a sister resort that's adults only? Also, were you able to get a good group room rate from the resort? Any insight would be very helpful!! Thank you!!
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