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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Mady28 Hey Asha, I don't think I can include attachments if you want give me your email. Hi Mady, Can you send me your wedding costs as well? Thank you so much! Wisebeyonmyrs@aol.com
  2. AR-DreamWedding, can you send the timeline to me as well? Thank you so much! Wisebeyonmyrs@aol.com
  3. Hi DeeP10! Have a fantastic time! I'd like to know if the price for the cigar rollers include the cigars for the guests too or is it separate? Thank you
  4. Thanks Zuleika! Do you know how long would a symbolic wedding be with Pastor York? Also, can you send me his contact information? Thanks again!
  5. Hi Ladies! Does anyone know the outside photographer vendor fee for Barcelo Bavaro Palace deluxe? Also, how much is it to get your hair and makeup done and would you recommend it?
  6. Thanks for the info! Sorry for the late response. I've been going nuts trying to get the wedding together lol. Can you tell me which photographer you used? Thanks!
  7. Hey ladies! Can anyone tell me what the maximum capacity is in the restaurant for eating and dancing? The restaurant looks small and my list is growing. Thanks!
  8. Hey MissyBee, What was included in this price? Was it air and hotel? If so, for how many days? Thank you!
  9. Hi Smithk79, Can you share your experience? I've read many reviews that the Majestic Elegance food is not very good. Have you stayed at other resorts in punta cana that you could compare it to? Also, what photographer did you use and how much was the resort fee? Thank you so much!
  10. Hey Cinnagirl, I'm getting married at Jellyfish next year and I'm going crazy trying to decide which resort I should choose. I've stayed at the Riu palace punta cana which is pretty, but sorta boring. I've been looking into Now Larimar, Majestic resorts, and Dreams Palm Beach as options. The Majestic resorts are beautiful, but I've read several reviews about bad food, my fiance thinks Now is cheesy, so I'm looking into Dreams. Why did you choose Dreams? Do the rooms have outdoor jacuzzis? How long was the car ride from the resort to Jellyfish? Any other tips i should know? Thank you so much!
  11. Hi Oryx, You're pictures are amazing! We are getting married at the Jellyfish Restaurant next year, but have not chosen a resort yet. Since you've stayed at the Majestic Colonial and Iberostar Grand Bavaro, what are the pros and cons. Thank you!
  12. Hi PuntaBride! Last year I stayed at the Riu palace and went to visit the Majestic Elegance & Colonial while in punta cana. My fiance was more impressed by the Majestic and is insisting on staying there for our wedding, however I've read many reviews on other sites about the food being terrible. Can you help share your experience? Have you stayed at other hotels that you may be able to compare it to? Thank you so much!
  13. Thanks for help! I'm dying to get hands on the info, so I can start booking! FYI, I vacationed in punta cana last year in October with my fiancé and a friend. We stayed at the riu palace and decided to scope out other resorts during the visit and the majestic elegance and colonial were one of them. The grounds were beautiful and the WC was so nice and helpful, unlike the WC at the riu palace. My friend and fiance were impressed. Just a heads up
  14. Cmingalone - That's so exciting! Congrats! I'm looking into the Jellyfish as well and I'm still waiting for a reply back. Can you send me price info? Wisebeyonmyrs@aol.com Also, what resort are you planning on staying at? I'm torn between Now Larimar, Dreams Palm Beach, and Majestic Elegance/Colonial. Thank you so much!
  15. Which resort did you ladies choose to stay in Punta Cana?
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