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  1. Thanks.. I feel that there is so much time before the wedding, that I have the mentality that it isn't necessary yet to push myself. When I start my new job, I think I am going to be able to quit the one I usually do in evenings, so I will actually have time to do more things to stay active. It's also an hour walk to work so I may do that in the mornings (it may also help with me waking up). If I can learn how to rollerblade confidently and how to stop when going down hills lol, maybe I can rollerblade to work! I'm going camping too! spending days at the beach with my FI's son and our families will be together as well. It should be interesting, but we are bringing the dogs, so lots of opportunitites to take them for walks I'm sure I'll get lots of exercise chasing around a toddler all week lol (sorry for the individual responses instead of multi quote.. I'm also attempting to reach 150 posts lol)
  2. yeah.. definitely the worst summer we've had here since the 6 years I have been living here... summer is almost over here too It sucks. I usually have a sweet tan by now lol.. but combine working inside, and no sun for the majority of days and you've got a shitty summer.
  3. I'm not going to lie, I feel like I have been slacking. I am still trying to eat healthy and portion control, but the gym has not seen my ass all week long. I am feeling quite stressed about a lot of things and therefore making excuses to not workout. I finish my job today and will start my new job July 15. I have a 2 week period where I am going camping with my FI and his son and spend some quality time with family so who knows what will happen. I am changing locations for work, so I will not have access to the gym. i'm thinking of joining the gym with some friends, but can't justify the money even though it's cheaper than going to a big name gym. blah. The weather also isn't helping to motivate me.. it's so shitty here. I need motivation!!
  4. For sure! It's definitely never too early! It just gives you more time to check out your options and really find ways to cut costs and find what you really want! happy planning!
  5. I've cpmpletely fallen behind on posting haha. I still have some ways to go until 150! but I can do this lol. Oh no! I'm glad you got everything figured out! I'm really hoping that I won't have to change my dates at all since we already have our save-the-dates. But with it being so far away.. it could definitely happen :S
  6. I will! They turned out awesome! I will try to post a pic tonight when I get home from work! Now to be crafty and make the holders lol
  7. our save the dates have arrived!! But of course it is a day that I work 2 jobs so I won't be home until 10pm I am trying to convince my FI to come to my work this evening so we can open it together! I think it is working lol. wooo! I'm really excited. I hope they turned out!!
  8. I'm glad Vegas was awesome! I'm uber jealous you went and good job on only going up .5 pounds! That's the hardest thing while on vacation.. the drinking and the indulging.. congrats what is BFFM?
  9. I want 100!!! I am constantly hitting refresh but apparently a lot of people have more to life than just refreshing the page like I do... haha
  10. haha yeah. It will be interesting to see if they respond. I am adding a little thing on our save the dates that says " If you have any questions or if you already know if you will be joining us in the sun, or sending your best wishes from home, don't hesitate to let us know" in hopes that we may get a better idea even before we send out the actual invite.
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