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  1. Hi, has anyone had Miriam as a coordinator? Our wedding is next Friday, Nov 22nd. Random question about the credit for nights redeemed for all recent brides...if you had a credits remaining balance did the resort give you a check for the remaining balance? We reached 82 nights and paid for a 7 night stay for my fiance and I. We just received our purchase order and it it says our credits for nights redeemed is $2,688. Once they deducted our costs (music, horse and carriage, extra hours of reception) the remaining credit is $1,713. I assumed we would get that given back to us since the nights are "complimentary." The PO states that the credit can be used for more wedding extras only. Can any recent brides provide any advice or your own experience for me?
  2. Hi there, are there any recent 2013 Moon Palace brides around? I have a question about the remaining balance once you have reached 75 nights booked. We booked 82 nights and paid for a 7 night stay for my fiance and I. Since the 7 nights are supposed to be "complimentary" I thought that meant we would get a check back from the resort with the remaining balace (after we paid for music, flowers, etc). I just received the PO from the wedding coordinator and it says our remaining credits of $1,700 can be used for wedding extras only, no cash reimbursement. I just emailed her to ask because I thought I had read on here that brides had that money returned to them in a check. If anyone has an answer please let me know. My fianace is going to upset if we aren't going to get that money back. Thats one of the reasons we booked 7 nights for ourselves.
  3. My wedding is two weeks from today, guess it's time I begin making a playlist. Thank you everyone for all the tips. Once I get one together I'll upload it for everyone.
  4. Has anyone rented the Chinese hanging lights for any of the terraces? Our reception is in 6 weeks @ Tucan terrace and we are unsure how many to rent from the vendor. If you have any previous experience please let me know, thank you!
  5. Hi! Wow, that is a small world! I live in Watertown and work in Boston. I just looked at your wedding review...so amazing! I hope ours goes as well as yours. The pictures were great! I am hoping we can have the dinner @ Arrecifies. I'm just waiting to hear back from Renee. She initially said it was a 30 person max. I just noticed your wedding was just in May so could they really have changed the rules already? Hope not. I'd rather not have to pay to decorate another terrace if I can help it at all. We plan to rent lights and a few other things for the reception but I think that will be enough. I just heard back from PSAV and they quoted me just over $1,000 for 4 hours of a dj. Sooo much cheaper than JSAV!
  6. Looking for a little help picking a location for a private event. We are having our reception @ Tucan Terrace on 11/22/13. In our group I have 34 adults, 3 teenagers, 1 toddler and 3 babies < 1 yrs old. I think having the welcome dinner on one of the other suggested terraces will be too much for these children to be out in the sun two days in a row. I was hoping we could do it in one of the restaurants but we have too many people. Does anyone know of any covered terraces or somewhere else that might work for us? I know there is a terrace outside of Arrecifies restaurant so I have asked for that but the coordinator said due to the construction that area might be changed around a bit. Can anyone who has been there recently help?
  7. Hi Erica, Do you have Miroslava's email address? My coordinator gave me one that doesn't work and now I am having trouble getting a hold of her.
  8. Hi Shan, Haha. I am all too familiar with the David's colors. Begonia is a hot pink/fushia color. It will look nice with the ocean in the background (or so I hope). haha. My sisters are impossible to please so I knew if I had them wear a color they hated that I would never hear the end of it. I'm going to email Marvin today for some prices. Did you give him a price range you'd like to stick too or did he just throw affordable #'s your way? We need centerpieces too and will also have 5 tables of guests plus one sweetheart table for Dean and I. We have 82 nights booked for our guests so will luckily get the unlimited private events. We're going to have a welcome dinner and then the cocktail hour/reception. Trying to decide now if we want the reception extended to 3 hours. I think if we have a dj then we may as well do a 3 hour reception. If we were to do the ipod then 2 hours might be enough. JSAV charges $395 for the 2 full hours of ipod music, 1 speaker system, wireless microphone. Thanks so much for your help! Colleen
  9. Thank you! What happened when you told the resort coordinator you bought outside flowers? Were you charged an outside vendor fee? Your flowers are beautiful! How much does Marvin charge for bridesmaids bouquets? My bridesmaids are wearing David's bridal dresses (all different styles) in begonia. I loved Horizon but my sisters didn't haha. Begonia was my #2. I had my first fitting yesterday..can't believe this day is almost here. So much to do!! Did you rent a dj? We just got the quotes from the resort dj.
  10. Hi, my wedding is in less than 2 months (11/22/13) @ Moon Palace. We have 40 guests coming and I'm starting to get a little nervous. We are having the reception outdoors @ Tucan Terrace. Can anyone help me with decorations? We would like to rent hanging lights to hang from the trees but we aren't sure how many to rent. They are $92 for one string of 10 lights. Also, has anyone used an outside florist? The prices of flowers at Moon Palace are out of our budget so I feel like this is the way to go for us. I'm scared the hotel will either charge us a crazy fee or not even let the florist deliver them. Anyone able to give me any advice?
  11. Hi, Thank you so much for this review!! It was so incredibly helpful! My wedding is in 7 weeks so we are working on a lot of the details now. My reception will be in Tucan terrace also and I want to do the same hanging lights as you. Do you remember how many strings of lights you needed for the perimeter of Tucan terrace?
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