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  1. Selling 11 clear name tags and 11 purple lynards perfect for key holders $10 for all
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by saraelisabeth Hey all! I'm getting married at EPM on 5/3/14. Would like to look in to getting an outside DJ. Who do you recommend and how much did you pay? Also, if you extend the reception by an hour, what is the cost? Lastly, any special food recommendations from the gold package wedding dinner options? We didnt use a dj but rather rented a sound system that ended up coming with someone that played the music. we just used out ipod. That was $400.00. We did menu #2 from the gold menu. It was great!
  3. . We had them last week at our wedding we honestly didn't get to hear them much because of photos. I believe they only played Mexican not sure if you can request American. Our guests loved the band.
  4. I'm trying to sell 9 clear name badges and 9 purple lynards I'm using mine for room Key holders... Any one interested?
  5. 2 weeks until we are here about to get married!!! Thank you all you ladies who helped me out so much!
  6. It look a LONG time for someone to respond to me. Like almost 2 weeks.....I almost picked another venue. I'm working with Alejandro
  7. I'm getting married in October! I'm caring my dress with me. I don't want to risk anything shipping it. I called the airlines to see what their protocol was. I already made my appt with the spa. I wanted to be safe so did it early. They did recommend doing it about 3hrs prior to wedding
  8. Wow I'm glad I'm not the only one! We've been together 8 1/2 years. Married in 3 months!
  9. Great!! Thank you I will Check them out. It's crazy what hotels want to charge you to rent the littlest things
  10. Quote:Originally Posted by ExcellenceBride Wow - $25 a lantern! That's insane. I bought 20 for $100 on ebay so check them out too. I did have my reception at Cecco (be sure to request the inside as well...makes a difference) Inside Cecco it's bright, normal lighting but outside (the pink lighting you saw was the DJ...I requested that) The dance floor is extra and not cheap either and so were the cold fireworks. Even the drapery over the dance floor was extra and the Tiffany chairs (but all worth it, I think) Did they charge your extra to set up your own decoration? or was it included? Did you have music during your ceremony?
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