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  1. Hi, Are the gold frames available? Do you have pictures?
  2. 1- unlimited= everyday 3 hours 2- includes drinks and food, basic restaurant decoration only (white tablecloths, etc) 3- They say they do but I have heard of other brides say they don't so YMMV 4/5- when you have all your rooms booked you should ask your WC about the free events and you should be able to book them. Guest can stay as long as you want but only those staying over 3 nights will count towards your group nights count
  3. Why would you get a bigger size dress when you have the luxury of getting a custom made to your measurement dress? alterations are expensive, it could be more than the dress itself.
  4. You really don't get a reception with any package. You are paying for the ceremony, for the reception you get a dinner in a restaurant with normal tablecloths, unless you qualify or pay for a private event. You have to pay $300 per table to match your theme for the reception, other than that is just the white everything, just like the restaurants.
  5. You will get your pictures when the dress is "finished" not before and keep in mind they work fast but have other dresses to make too. It took 30 a little less than 40 days for my dress to be by my door and I got the first pictures around day 26 or so and then I asked for some changes and add ons which took another 5 days or so, then my dress was on my door 2 days after shipping, I choose DHL... Be patient :-)
  6. I saw the Chapel clear of religious images, just benches, the glass and the beach... the only thing with the chapel is that if you pick that location for your ceremony unless you are having a catholic ceremony, if someone wants it for a religious ceremony, you will be bumped out. Quote: Originally Posted by lastminbride Hi Jinele, You got to see the chapel clear of the religious images. I love that chapel! Did you see the one at Hard Rock Riviera Maya? Are you having a Catholic ceremony?
  7. Hi Amanda, I never had any issues getting pricing without a contract, it would be crazy for them to believe anyone is going to commit to a contract without prices, there pricing is so open that is even detailed on their website. http://weddings.palaceresorts.com/?lang=en#weddings Hope that helps Quote: Originally Posted by adehaarte Hi My name is Amanda and I am so nervous about this hotel because they dont give you any pricing information until you book your date and are locked into a contract. Does anyone have the packet with pricing and selections...If so can you please send it to me? My email address is adehaarte@gmail.com Thank you in advance! Happy Wedding Wishes to Everyone!!!
  8. If you decide to go with Jasmine's and replicate this dress, I cant wait to see what they come up with. Let us know what you decide Quote: Originally Posted by DR2015 I waited and waited and I finally received both responses. Requested a quote on a replica of this Galia Lahav which retails over 10k. Neptunes response: we can not replicate this dress. Jasmines response just over $600. I'm am stuck between looking for a new dress or just paying the $600+. I have plenty of time but surely not willing to just throw away money!! Useful Comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated?!?!
  9. I used my card, your bank probably declined because with foreign transactions you have to call them and let them know when you are traveling/ purchasing overseas. Quote: Originally Posted by angelnjewels Good Morning Ladies, I just want to know what form of payment do you use for Babyonlinedress and Jasmines bridal. I placed an order for babyonlinedress and my card was declined. I know that my bank verify any fraud. Are these purchases legit????
  10. Is the Caribbean terrace a roof top terrace or on the beach? those are the ones that you have to pay the $13 fee, because of how difficult is to get the food there As I said before, I feel every one of them (WC) have something different to say, that is what I was told by two of them, either Grand terrace or the beach at Grand. Quote: Originally Posted by Jinele Fracasso You can do your reception on the Caribbean Terrace and extend till 12 midnight ! Thats what I am doing . my wedding is April 27th 2014. It's alot extra. You have to pay per hour, also You pay extra to have the reception in this location . It's extra 13 pp.
  11. It needs to be the Grand terrace, no others, to be able to have extended hours. Is the only one that won't disturb other guest
  12. it is what my WC told me, below is her email in quotes: Hope it helps, I have come to realize that not all WC are on the same page, I do not ask over the phone, I like everything on written for this reason. Quote: Originally Posted by HayleyJ Hi everyone, We have our wedding booked for November 25 2014 at the Moon Palace, we haven't spoken with our coordinator yet but are very excited to get started. Does anyone else have Dolce? I also heard rumours there might be an outdoor reception area able to continue past 10pm is this true? I surely hope so, that would be amazing Hayley Quote: Originally Posted by Britt Hayley, MrsTobeD has said that she is having her reception on the grand terrace because it allows later receptions. When I asked my coordinator she said there is no place I can have it and extend past 10 unless its indoors. I think maybe this may have to do with time of the year we are having our weddings? May be best to ask the resort just to make sure! Britt
  13. Sorry I have been MIA....The visit was worth it, at the end of the day if you think about it, you are only paying for the airfare since the stay gets discounted from your final wedding bill, you have to arrange the visit with them for it to count. I have heard of brides that dont have to pay for the stay since they are already in contract. I am having it at the grand terrace since is the only place at the resort you can have an outdoor celebration after 10pm and we are having an 8pm dinner/dancing. Date is August 22nd. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsRoberts Mrs TobeD - How was the site visit? My fiance and thought about doing it, but with the budget in mind we decided not to. Also, where on the Grand side are you having your reception?? When is your date? So fun!!
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