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  1. Mrs p to be and Jenny, Everything will work out fine, trust me!!! theres no need to stress at all!! i know everything seems up in the air atm but everything will fall into place how you want it im sure! right where to start?! I saw or heard of a couple of weddings going on when we were out there but i didnt want to see too much to ruin my expectations of it all, plus maybe i was a tad too nervous to even look! lol the day before our wedding whilst i was going back and forth to room to take table decs, bridesmaid and groom gifts to wedding shop, it started to rain at 2 (which was my time) and saw the stafff moving the chairs etc from the beach to the spa area, this obviously worried me a bit but i actually ahd a nail appt at the spa around the time of the wedding and saw how it was set up and it looked beauitiful, the setting was just as pretty and tbh i was a tad worried how i'd cope in the sun on the beach as my dress had twelve layers and 3 hoops!!! (also not that impressed with french maicure i had either) BUT it turned out on the day, we had perfect weather, the sun was out and we had a lovely breeze, it was still boiling taking our pics etc and did make me feel a bit shattered but i was loving it! we were worried about what we were going to do between after the wedding till 6 for the reception but we were taking pics on the beach etc just the two of us and we had to get a golf cart to take us back to main reception and by then it was 6, didnt even have time to freshen up or anything and our guests took pics with us on the grand staircase etc and after that they all went to the bar in between. With true colours, as i'd been there before i knew where i'd wanted some of the pics taken and who with etc so emailed them previously to going out there and they actually had my email on them and done every shot i asked for, i suggest going to the small jetty on coral bay beach as the sun is going down, they came out so good and everyone is really impressed by them, if u want add me on facebook Nicola Gurrey and you'll see all of our pics and get a good idea of how beautiful its going to be! as we had been away 10 nights after jamaica on our honeymoon we actually had our memory stick already delivered to us on our arrival so that was really good, i do admit though im sure i remember them taking a couple of pics on the day that werent on trhe stick but we had over 400 pics so i have PLENTY to choose from anyway and all so good! we had 35 people, we had a top table with us mums and dads and then 4 round tables with between 6-8 people (8 being max anyway), table in front we had family, next to them we had bridesmaids and best men, partners etc and two back tables with our friends. I would say the blue lagoon was perfect for our party and the view is so pretty with the sun going down and sea behind us, i would suggest getting the uplighting for the pillars, i agree it is alot of money but it really made it look that much more impressive. Im sure they can cut the area off a bit more to make it smaller, next to your section you will have your own bar so it will be cut off so you have your area right next to this, which may work out better for guests as we could have easily had a smaller section but we didnt mind the huge space, the meal and speaches were intimate and then we had that whole other section to dance, if you look at my pics you'll understand more! you will be shown around a couple of days before anyway where everything will be and you'll be able to explain how you want it to look, in the blue lagoon they have hanging lights, i bought different colour/sized paper pom poms which matched my theme from ebay, really cheap and asked them to hang them down from lights which they did and they looked really good, i bought them kinda last minute and wish i'd bought way more but they look really good if your thinking of how to dress it up a bit more on a budget! sorry for the essay, i tend to get carried away! lol, but let me know of anymore questions or just add me up on facebook and let me know what you think! Nic xxx
  2. Hi Girls! im back! x Hello Ladies! i'm a married lady now and i tell you what, it was the most perfect day in every way and i wouldnt have changed anything!!! please ask me any questions, sorry i havent been on for ages, i lost my password and just havent had to time to come on tbh, had the after party back home too and already sent out our thank you postcards, all over now : ( even put my dress into the dry cleaners. i have wedding blues, i even dreamt of trying on my dress again last night?! weird! lol. i hope all of your plans are going well, you have nothing to worry about. Leading up to the wedding the 5 days i was there before i was a different me, being around all of our friends and family trying to spend time with everyone, me feeling like i was stressing WAY more than richard and like i was doing almost EVERYTHING BUT the day of the wedding i was like 'lets do this' and after the wedding i was back to calm, relaxed laid back me and it was BLISS! LOL. we had the steel band for an hour at blue lagoon after our meal, that was a good start to get everyone up and dancing, after our first song of course, once everyone had a few drinks, all the men (and some ladies) decided to jump from blue lagoon into the pool! i had a smile on my face the whole time and the food was amazing! true colours photographers got some outstanding pictures and everyones very impressed with them! hope your all well Love Mrs Gurrey xxxx
  3. for bridesmaids im having adele - make you feel my love bridal march - your song - ellie golding signing of docs - signed sealed delivered - stevie wonder walking back down the aisle we're having - you and me - the wannadies Took ages to decide but i think its nice to have slow meanigful song and something fun for everyone! Good luck! xx
  4. cant beleive how fast its all gone and when we get back it wont be long till xmas!!! mad! luggage allowence, well, we've packed, re packed, my other half gets so stressed with packing and getting weight right, its been a bit stressful lol. I have a big case, my wedding dress box and camera to carry, he has suitcase, stachel bag and a holdall, now is it me or will they count the satchell and holdall as two hand luggages, im worried he is gonna have to put satchell in bag and theres no room for that or i take the satchell as handbag and carry my dress as hand luggage and have case and he just has his holdall and case?! I have another holdall that im gonna palm off on one of his friends, just to take through anyway! I will post a review dont you worry and will try and put some pics up for you all! we're going to st.lucia straight from jamaica, cant wait to finally relax together and have some us time and just take it all in and to eat all the good food, this diet has got so boring! Nic xxx
  5. Hello ladies! Well its my last week at work and we fly out this saturday! Getting my dress boxed up on friday, feeling very excited now, been a bit strressful packing all the bits and trying to stick to weight limit, as we're away for nearly 3 weeks, we go straight onto our honeymoon from Jamaica, which i cant wait for, some us time! Been looking at the weather now and doesnt look great at all and is saying raining on our wedding day! Im hoping this will change as time gets even closer, if not, the spa area is lovely also, you cant predict the weather and cant let that spoil the day. A few guests fly out this wednesday so i've told them to give me a call and tell me what they think, i just hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did and the weather cheers up a bit as i would hate it to be raining the majority of the time for our guests but again thats out of my hands! How are you all getting on with your planning? Nic xx
  6. Hi Jenny, i get married in 5 weeks. we got both passports and birth certs notarized by solicitor. This is all we have been advised by our solicitor and Erika! Hope this helps Nic
  7. My sister is called laura nastri and richards surname is gurrey but everyone knows him as Guz in enfield, he lived opposite the hollybush pub on lanacaster road? I have a few friends that went to chase, that are my age, did you know turkish mus that went chase big turkish boy, lived near chase i grew up with him sorta, think his your age. Your lucky with your ready made tans, you will all look so beautiful. i hope i get a nice tan the 5 days before we're there and im still not pasty white! lol I havent got gift bags for everyone, as theres 36 of us and i know i'll end up spending ridiculous amounts, I got gift bags for the bridesmaids and best men thats it, with there gifts in them and little silly things, got a sky lantern for per couple for the beach later in the evening. Think im just going to give mother of the bride and groom flowers when we have the party back home and the girl whos doing my hair, luckily shes a friend and is coming away with us, so is doing all our hair for a wedding gift and no noubt for the party when i get home. Yeah i was thinking of a second dress too but no idea what sort of thing to get and dont want to spend loads! Going shopping this wknd for some holiday bits (no bikinis left anywhere) so i'll have a look for a nice flowy white dress but i am pretty determined to stay in my dress all day! whats your dress like? cant wiat to try mine on again on saturday seems like ages that i've seen it!!! what made you move to glasgow? so you met your other half in the wedding dress shop?? meant to be! Xxxx
  8. Im 28 in november but my hubby to be is 31, he went to enfield grammer? I went to st.annes, my sis who is 33 went to enfield county? I'm sure we know someone in common! lol, so weird! And our colours too!!! think the girls will look really lovely in there yellow dresses with there sun tans (they arrive 3 days before us!) lol. But we're flying on to st.lucia for our honeymoon so im not complaining! I have a dress fitting this sat, in enfield, just the length that needs taking up as im going bare foot on the beach and just wearing flip flops under my dress prob in the evening, my hubby is same height if not tad shorter so dont want to be over towering him on our wedding day and first dance etc! we're also taking lessons next month for our first dance, should be interesting! lol. what are OOT bags?? sorry am i really out of the wedding lingo?? I'll def let you know how i get on!!! if i get any info or new charges i hear of i'll let you know so your prepared! Have you got your dress yet? Nic xxx
  9. OMG im from Enfield too!!! We moved to hertford just over a year ago! but know enfield vey well, thats where i grew up! We're having the steel drums too! We're having our own music for ceremony through the docking station and then meal at blue lagoon, followed by steel band after speeches, then first dance etc and then we'll go down to the beach and set off our sky lanterns! Really cant wait now, im having packages delivered daily from ebay, last little bits, just hoping everything will fit and we dont forget anything! Nic xx
  10. Hello Ladies, Sorry i havent wrote in ages, i've been trying to get last min bits sorted! I have less than 7 weeks!!! I had my hen wknd last wknd, bank holiday in Newcastle and it was amazing and i've manged to remember all of it, which im quite proud of! We went to adonis cabaret with the mums in tow and then onto a club, on the sunday we had afternoon tea and then pretty much stayed out all day, evening and then had to get the train back to london. I have another two back home before i go, not my idea!! one with work friends who have organised a meal out and another one just local for girls who couldnt make the newcastle one. We're starting dance lessons in a couple of weeks for our first dance, we're dancing to your beautiful by labrinth and emelie sande. Did you know we need 5 songs for throught the ceremony?? processional, bridal march, kiss of the couple, signing of documents and recessional. Just to make you all aware that this is what there asking me atm. Also they will ask you for everyones booking ref and whos name the holiday is booked under. As centre pieces i have brought plastic vases and silk/foam flowers which are very light weight and cheap and managed to get our themed colours of yellow, orange and white! have also got disposable cameras for each table and wrote a little peom to go with them. have bought favor boxes and just got rock sweets with weddingy stuff written on them and jelly belly beans with our colours! very excited now! starting to get wedding dreams!!! hope everyones plans are going well, i feel like im going to forget loads last min!!! Nic xx
  11. We're getting married at 2 on the beach and have the blue lagoon booked for 6 for 37 of us, i LOVED the restaurant you had yours and the scenery is just amazing but we were worried it would be too cramped with all of us. How long does the ceremony actually take? Did you have the steel band after your ceremony, was this the music you walked back down the aisle to together? im trying to think of when to have it as we have our won music chosen to walk to and from the aisle. im also reluctant to pay that money for speakers etc, when we cold possibly just use i pod and speakers but not sure if it will be loud enough for the amount of peaple we have and the blue lagoon is quite big, so not sure if people will find it hard to hear speeches and background music?! we're also having sky lanterns, this wasnt a problem with the hotel then? did you have flowers included in your wedding package im not sure to pay for my own but they havent gt back to me with prices yet, quite frustrating! Nic x
  12. yes we have, there photos look good plus we thought we'd rather book them as the hotel doesnt charge you having them there, if you were to book your own photographer who you have seen in Jamaica the hotel will charge you $300 for the vendor fee! The package we got was $1950 thats for 4.5 hours throughout the day and all photos on CD (which wont have there logo in the corner), the cheapest one was $1350 but thats for only 3.5 hours and less prints x
  13. Congratulations on your wedding IrieBride!!! I have lots of questions for you as im getting married in October! Where did you get married, what pacakge did you have? If on beach did you have a runner down the aisle? did you eat in blue lagoon, if so did you have the sound system in which you have to pay for, speakers and mic, is this worth paying for? Did you have any entertainment, we are thinking steel band for an hour not sure if its worth the $500. Did you pay for any extra lighting? how did you find the meal? If you could just give a general review on your wedding day that would be great or even some pics! Kind Regards
  14. Hi I've been quoted $500 for an hour for steel drum band?! I'm also having our reception at blue lagoon, there are 37 of us but they didnt say anything about numbers of people to have that as an option?! It seems to me that the hotel just make up prices themselves to try and get more money from you, because people have been given different quotes on things from what i've seen on here. I think its really bad how much they charge with certain things and actually wrote a letter of complaint to Thompsons saying about hidden costs which arent shown when booking these weddings, i was told each hotel charges different and its out of their hands, Thompsons just deal with the initial package and then from there your pretty much on your own. It will all work out in the end and be worth it im sure! With blue lagoon and poisedon, i think if you have to pick one of there meuns this ranges from $45-$70 per person.
  15. My partner originally wanted a stone colour but its was hard finidng 3 piece suits, as he wants to wear just the waistcoats and men just in shirt and jacket, he did think about getting a waistcoat made but when he went to next to get them they werent selling them anymore so now his gone for a really light grey, which looks a tad stoney anyway! Aparentely you dont actually get your WC until 2 months before your wedding date, i have been speaking to Erika who is a manager of some sort and has told me this. Be careful of all the fees etc, for instance if your to take your own centre pieces over and want them to set them up, theres a setting fee, this is only $60 though, if u want wedding chair covers this is $5 per chair, it does all add up, im only realising now as its getting closer, plus the meal per head if your having set menu, £20 add on for each person for cake a ceremony (first 8 people free). If i find out any more hidden costs that i can think of i'll let you know, as im only finding out myself, very frustrating when you have this idea of saving money getting married abroad! still very much looking forward to it though, sure it will be amazing! Hope alls well Nic xx
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