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  1. Hi ladies I was married at gp jamaica in april this year and would be happy to help you with anything i can it is much easyer for me to get on facebook so if you would like to add me im vicki povah Ps my wedding pics are on there too Congrats to you all xx
  2. Hi ladies im back had the most amazing time if anyones got any questions fire away!! Xx
  3. Hi ladies im back!! I will post a full review when I get time but for now just want to say our wedding day was the most amazing day ever perfect in every way if anyone has any questions feel free to ask mrs povah xx
  4. Had another email from erika she typed the wrong name ive actually got loraine xx
  5. Hi ladies just wondering for those of u who have already been who your wedding co ordinator was ive just had an email telling me mine is ormesia had anyone had her what was she like? vicki xx
  6. Hi everyone sorry I havent been on this thread for a while charline glad u got the uk link is there anything else u need to know? Apart from booking your recetion be it private or not and your wedding location there really isnt much else you need to book with them untill they get in touch with for me should be any day charline what probs did u have with thomson they still havent got much better messed up peoples bookings when they went to pay their balances xxx if anyone wants to you can find me on facebook im on that much more than this lol im vicki brocklehurst xxxxxxxx Charlene ive just realised ive been spelling your name wrong so sorry!!! Xxx
  7. Hi ladies congratulations to the newbies! our wedding is 12 weeks tomorrow and im starting to get nervous, my dress came in last week and ive got my fittings booked in ive ordered my bridesmaid gifts and just waiting on invitations to at home party to arrive I sorted my legal docs over christmas that was really easy nic your day sounded amazing im gonna send u a facebook request now so I can gander at your photos im having a small hen do just my best friends an I are having a spa break in 2 weeks cant wait for a relax and pamper xxxx
  8. Hi mrs gurrey so nice to hear everything went well im having that stress at the moment that everything will go wrong!! 16 weeks today!!!! Xxxxx vicki
  9. Hi ladies sorry its been a while ive felt really stressed latelly think its just been trying to get organised and prepare for christmas anyway our wedding was 18 weeks yesterday yipee!!! I emailed thomson asking why we had not been contacted for the documents and was told it was still too early jenny did u get you legal docs sorted what did u need in the end? Hope everyones plans are going well Vicki xx
  10. i booked my date in with my cake maker on friday just for our at home party just having quite plane one done and their cake tastes fab!!! i got my sample invitation through love love it just sending them to those who are coming so its more of a keepsake really just need to sort documents out when thomson get in touch if they ever do dont think they have done 1 thing they were supposed to yet!!! vic xx
  11. hi ive not had an email off them requesting our documents yet! i know a copy of a birth certificate is fine as long as its the long version do you mind me asking how much it is for your solicitor to do the certified copies i havent a clue so want to brace myself ha ha i keep thinking the same get christmas done and its here!!!!
  12. hi ladies sorry i havent been on for ages!! wow this saturday i hope everything goes well for you im so excited for u i would have thought u would be fine with the luggage i got that letter too saying i had an extra 5 kilos you just have to show the check in staff the letter my oh has finally sorted his best man/men so we can get going on what they r going to wear i got a bargain with my wedding shoes last week so i only need to sort out underwear now its coming round so fast i cant wait xx
  13. sorry ladies have been away for a week or so hope you are all well my plans are ok we are pretty much waiting for nov to come around as thats when we have to sort out the legal docs we are going to sort out invitations and we need to sort out the mens suits although my oh has still not decided 100% who he wants to ask as his best man i was supposed to be going looking at wedding shoes tomorrow but ive come down with a nasty case of bacterial tonsillitis so ive out it off for now xx
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