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  1. Does anyone know how the marriage license works? I just overnighted copies of our passports and birth certificates ($84-OUCH!) to the hotel. Is that all I need to do? will they handle getting the rest taken care of?
  2. Hi everyone! I'm getting married at the Riu Palace Tropical Bay on December 7th--about 7 weeks away! Freaking out a little bit about everything coming up so soon, when i haven't picked my flowers or songs that myself or the bridesmaids will be walking down the aisle to. What have you all decided? So far I'm thinking Train "Marry Me" when I walk down, and some sort of Bob Marley song for the bridesmaids-but not sure. Thoughts?
  3. I'm getting married at the Riu Palace Tropical Bay and my free package is $500 for the minister fees, etc. The renewal of vows is $325. I believe the fees are the same at both.
  4. I am actually getting married at the Riu Palace Tropical Bay over in Negril, but we are spending our 2nd week at the Couples Swept Away. A bit more expensive but WOW it looks fantastic. I've also stayed at the Grand Palladium/Lady Hamilton in 2011 and it was AWESOME. It's by Montego Bay off a little ways in a town called Luccea. I'd highly suggest them both!
  5. I am getting married at the Riu Palace Tropical Bay, so there COULD be a difference, but I know they offer green (not sure why) and white chairs. I would request the white, as i think they only give you the white if you have over 20 guests-stupid. As far as the chairs that I've seen in some brides that have sent me pics, they are just basic lawn chairs and it looks like it is kind of woven plastic in the back-if that makes sense. Your wedding is coming up!! I still have to wait until December.
  6. I'm not renting a dance floor, we are all super laid back and have read a TON of reviews on how to make things free. We are going to try to slip some venders on the beach some $$ to play after the wedding and just dance on the beach and then just assign different people to run & get drinks so we don't have to pay for a bartender & all that. We are bringing our own chiffon and tulle to do the arch, as i really am not sure what that will look like. Do you have a picture of the fold up arch? That's interesting...
  7. I would FLIP!!!!! Oh my goodness that is awful. Did they respond to you? That is just WRONG. They need to MAKE time for you!
  8. Thank you! I actually did not notice those.
  9. I've read in a different thread that people bring fake flowers all the time-no one mentioned having to pay though. I don't think you would have to pay for real flowers if you brought them either, its just a vender fee if there is an actual vender coming on site bringing a bunch of stuff.
  10. Could you email me that list? It's saying "Sorry, you don't have the required permissions to download attachments. More information about this is available in the Attachment Permissions FAQ." but then it's saying I have to pay for a subscription. Is anyone else having this problem? My email is eweisz00@yahoo.com...thank you!
  11. If you want to email me (eweisz00@yahoo.com) I can send you some of the info my wedding coordinator sent me from Riu Palace Tropical Bay in Negril. I'm doing the "free" package and the flowers that come with it are not cute to me. I'm hoping i can find another florist in Jamaica but I'm having a hard time finding anything I like that's not $300 for a bouquet. I'm getting married there in December and I completely understand about wanting to get things done, as I have 90% of my wedding plans taken care of 10 months before lol
  12. I'm doing the free package at the Riu Palace Tropical Bay. If you give me your email I'll send you the form. It's $500 for the minister fee. My travel agent is giving me $25 per person who books through her, so if you think you might have 20 people coming, maybe your travel agent could do something like that? Also be sure you are getting a group discount on the hotel rooms if you have a larger group coming. For every 5 PEOPLE that book, my fiance and I get a night free. So since we have about 30 people coming, our whole hotel is paid for the 4 nights we are there.
  13. GREAT bags! I've been looking everywhere for a good welcome bag, so that's awesome.
  14. Hi there! I have a noon wedding time but would have preferred the 2pm-it was taken though. You have to rent a dance floor, unless you just want to make room at the restaurant. The semi-private reception just means that you may be sharing the area with another bride or two, depending if you have other brides getting married that day. There are 3 slots per day for brides, noon, 2pm and 4pm. If they are all full, most likely it will be all 3 of you, depending what time you eat. Since ours is at noon, we are going to take a few pictures, then head over to Rick's Cafe for the afternoon, come back, shower, and have our dinner. It will all work out!! When are you getting married?
  15. We are doing the noon slot because it was the only time left. Most of the photographers have told me 5:30 for sunset, so i would do 3pm if you have the choice, just depends on what you're looking for. Since we were stuck with noon, we are going to go to Ricks Cafe afterwards for some drinks and then head back around 7 for the reception dinner.
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