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  1. Hi Jessica! Good to see you got excepted. DB music is more expensive than the resort DJ if you go with all the extra bells and whistles... of which he offers ALOT! Jimena also added a file for Hercon which also offers similar stuff. Check out our files and photos section for LOTS of ideas! See you on the page!
  2. It really will depend on where your guests are flying from and what days of the week they do their flights. Mid week flights are generally the cheapest. If you are seriousily considering this resort(And you should, its fantastic then send a request to our fb group BDW Gand Palladium Riviera Maya, we have a few Chicago brides getting married there, or who have gotten married there. Myself, we had prices range from $1100 for six/seven days, up to $1500(that is canadian prices from toronto, calgary and Edmonton)... It will also greatly depend on your group package if you chose to use one vs independently. The GP rivieria maya is fantastic, its also huge, so there's lots to do for everyone.
  3. I actually bought all my stuff from efavormart.com, they have a huge selection of stuff, the quality is good, and the price isn't bad either.
  4. Hi there future brides to be new to the site: we have very busy and activity site that you need to join! Where you can get all your questions answer, and much more. Send a request to: Its just for brides only, allowing for a honest forum of discuss. Hope to see you there!
  5. Hi Lori, Congrats on finding your dress! Its such an awesome feeling. I started shopping for my maid of honour's dress really early, at the beginning of august because that was when I was back home in Ontario to go shopping with my sister and mother. I'm hoping to take my Matron of honour out around January/February to chose her dress as we live in the same city and work together. I believe it only takes about three months to get the bridesmaid dresses in, not nearly as long as our dresses take to come in. I ordered my sister's the beginning of August and its expected for her to pick it up in October maybe November. If that's any sort of indication. How many bridesmaids do you actually have, as that might be the biggest trouble coordinating to go dress shopping with them. I only have the two, my sister and my one of my best girlfriends. They aren't wearing the same dress, but will both be in the same colour and fabric, but I'm letting them chose their own dress with my approval just so I can make sure the actual dresses will look good together next July. Hope that helps! Liana
  6. Thank You Lauren, I never thought about those cautions, and I appreciate the advice! I won't likely have the benefit of using a travel agent from up here, but I will definitely ask some smart questions when I do figure out who I will be using. Thanks again darlin! Liana
  7. Thank you Kylie and Kstoks for your information. My big problem is that I live in a very small community 5 hours north of Edmonton, so its not very likely that I will find a good travel agent up here who has experience with destination weddings, especially with the size and complexity of the one Jason and I are planning, and has worked with Grand Palladium, etc, and since my own TA hasn't been very attentive, I appreciate your recommendations to help find someone new, even if it means lots of phone calls and emails in the future. Thanks again ladies! I'll let you know how things go! Liana
  8. Hey there Brides and Brides to be! I've got a question for you, in particular you ladies from Alberta! I'm looking for recommendations for travel agents. My own TA hasn't been very good at getting back to me with information, and as I am still pricing out the tickets for my guests for next year, I am feeling the crunch and want to get things sorted out. So if you ladies have any TA's you think are awesome, can you send me their names and contact info. Thanks a bunch, Liana
  9. Just wondering for those people flying to Jamaica from Canada in June, July or August of 2014 how much have you been quoted for prices for you guests. We're flying from Edmonton and Toronto and haven't received any numbers yet, which is driving me nuts, lol
  10. Hi Sbelle, I mostly just told them where I wanted to have everything once I decided and they reserved it for me. Once you make the decision about your venues just send them an email. I was working with Sharlene back in January when I reserved my venues... so don't stress out that your planning to early in advance, lol, I think I got that easily covered. I am hoping to do the ceremony at the Garden Gazebo but it will be my guests that squash that hope as it can only hold 70 people(according to an email Sharlene sent me) and if everyone comes who is invited than we MIGHT just make it. If I have too many guests than I'm hoping I can move it to the Atrium. My ceremony is scheduled for 2pm... originally I had the 4pm slot booked, with dinner at 6pm at the Blue Lagoon. I've moved my ceremony to 2pm so that I have more time to get perfect photos with the photographer I am bring within me from Canada, as I am a HUGE fan of her work. I know it sounds like a lot of time for my guests but there is an entire resort for them to take advantage of while we do pictures(basically they can relax at any of the bars, etc). Plus I read on another forum about a bride and groom that took like 20 to 30 minutes of alone time to just enjoy the day together... so I've also figured that into my schedule.
  11. Hi there Sbelle! My date is set for Friday July 25th! I've also got the itch and have been working away at getting a lot of my decisions made, including the dresses for me and my maid of honour, etc. I definitely agree, it feels early but this way we won't be sweating the small stuff last minute either.
  12. Thank you so much for your review! I'm glad it was a wonderful day and I know the photos will be gorgeous!
  13. Hi Reebik, You should try this other forum Grand Sunset Princess Resort, the ladies are all planning current weddings for this year and next. Hope to see you there.
  14. Soon2beMrsW, My fiancé and I are still waiting for next years prices to be available, the one quote we got from our agents a few months ago was also much higher than we expected.... Therefore we're just waiting til the end of the month when the airlines will have their flight schedules posted.
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