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  1. Success!!! I received something today. Unfortunately two of the attachments are too big to upload and carry the wedding upgrade options. INFO COSTA RICA 2014 (1).pdf Beverage Menu.pdf Design your own menu .pdf Flower Prices - Costa Rica 2014.pdf WeddingDayStory Collections 2013.pdf Room Rental - GUA.pdf Lunch or dinner buffet (1).pdf
  2. Hello everyone. So question for all you brides out there...Is anyone else having a hell of a time getting any pricing information from the Riu?? Costa Rica is our dream destination for our wedding but I need to know if the actual cost of the wedding is over our budget. Problem is getting pricing. I can find pricing for the ceremonies...thats easy!! All their packages are online. Its the extras I can't find and seem to get the run around when I try to email. I can't be the only bride in this boat. Does anyone out there have pricing information for a private reception and party after the ceremony???? Please any info you can send me would be greatly appreciated. Melissa
  3. Hello fellow destination brides! My FI and I are trying to find a resort for our special day. Do any of you have pricing information for receptions etc for the riu palace? I'm only able to find wedding ceremony pricing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The palace looks gorgeous
  4. How did your wedding turn out?? Was thinking about booking my wedding at ME
  5. Hello MissBubbles! I am planning my destination wedding and I am having trouble deciding between a couple of the resorts. I emailed but haven't heard back from the Majestic, so I haven't been able to get any wedding package info from them. Could you send me your wedding package info?
  6. Hello Ladies, I'm a newbie to BDW. i am looking for wedding package info or contact information for the hard Rock in Punta Cana and the Majestic Elegance. We are trying to decide between the 2 resorts and having a hard time with no pricing info to go by. Can anyone make any recomendations or why to choose one resort over the other?? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Melissa
  7. Hello ladies!!! I recently became engaged and my fiancé and I want to be married in Punta Cana. I have the same problem as every other bride, so many resorts how do you pick one. I keep coming back to the Hard Rock and the Majestic Elegance and my fiancé is interested in the Luxury Bahia Emeralda. Can anyone share some info to this newbie on why I should pick one resort over the other???
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