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  1. What travel agents have you guys used that were worth it and trouble free (for the most part)?
  2. Hello everyone i need so advice. What did u guys do for the group rate agreemenr? I am currently using destinationweddings.com and I am a little confused how the group agreement works or if is even necessary??? Please please help anyone my wedding is for April 26 2014 and im also having a hard time getting responses back
  3. Hi Everyone so after much search an following these forums we have made the decision to book our wedding at OCT for April 26, 2014. We are beyond excited, so it seems that the rates for the guest at this resort seemed the most reasonable for all our guest who are most middle class and some low class and we would love for them to join us. Any feedback on the wedding experience or panning experience??? Anyone please HELP! So far just to make our deposit it has been a hassle... so hopefully now when we start working with Claudia things may go smoother!
  4. Hi mksilguero! My dream is a destination wedding and this place looks really nice any advice.. ANY ANY info you can give me that would help me plan it, get the best out of my wedding for the $, and accomodations for the guests... the coordinator? Anything will help... Thanks!!!
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