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  1. Talicea7812, your day is fast approaching. My FI and I can not wait to hear how all your hard work and planning turns out. Please keep us posted.
  2. @Mark82 We fly out in 19 days. We just finished all the details with our coordinator in Florida. What an ordeal that was. We're both glad that part is over. Where are you getting married at? Our wedding is at Azul Beach.
  3. @ Travelgal78 We are getting married at Azul Beach on 4/19. We thought the same thing about the Karisma photographers. We didn't like the quality. We chose to bite the bullet and went with Playaweddings for photo/video. We did have to pay the outside vendor fee, but Playaweddings discounted the package price to offset the vendor fee.
  4. @kaleighMCL we were wondering the same thing about the timeline for the actual ceremony. We are just having a symbolic ceremony and wanted to print some sort of program for our guests but do not know what order things happen.
  5. @ I could be wrong, but if you are bringing your own photographer and they are staying in the resort as a guest, you would not need to pay the outside vendor fee.
  6. @Telicea7812 We've been trying to get a straight answer from our Karisma planner on this cost. They say $5.00pp to set up. Is that for everything? Per location? Per item? Do you know? One thing we are doing for suitcases is going to the local thrift stores. We've found 2 pretty nice suitcases for under $15.00ea. We're just going to leave them down in Mexico once they have served their purpose.
  7. @@talicea7812 So, onto this little tidbit of information. We've been wanting to find out what the cost is for the people at the resort to set up certain aspects of the ceremony and reception, i.e. chair sashes, table runners, lights etc, etc. Our coordinator has told us the set up charge is $3.00-$5.00 per person. They have not clarified what that entails though. Is that for everything? On another side note, we found a place that sells really inexpensive decorations. the website is www tableclothsfactory dot com. They sell chair sashes for .49ea. Karisma/Lomas wants to charge us $5.00 each!
  8. @ Talicea We only have 19 people. We are planning on having a tent on the beach, but Chil was my FI second choice.
  9. @ Talicea If I remember, the road is about 2-3 miles, maybe. It definately can't be walked. Seein the pictures posted about Chil terrace is interesting. Our planner in Florida told us that we could not use the Chil terrace for our wedding reception.
  10. @ talicea7812 We are paying $1500 for 4 hours through Azul. It's more that what we wanted to spend, but the I-Pod/Dock solution just didn't make sense for us. We are arriving at Azul on Wednesday the 17th.
  11. @@talicea7812 Our wedding is the week after yours. We arrive on April 17. Maybe we'll bump into you and we can chit-chat abou how our day turned out. We are holding out hope that once we get on site, the coordinators there will have a much better handle on things. For our decorations, we are keeping things minimalistic. We are trying to let the beauty of the resort and ocean provide the decorations. We are just adding little touches, hurricanes, votives, lights. We were undecided on the cake and chose to go with cake pops decorated like little bride and grooms, but those are going to cost us $200. We're using the Azul DJ and hoping for the best.
  12. @talicea7812 We really didn't like the photographers that Azul offers and we are going with Playaweddings for photo and video. Although that choice will require us to be robbed of the $800 outside vendor fee, Playa is discounting our package to offset that and their work looks so much better than the vendors Azul uses. Also, We've been following your plight with Azul and the outside vendors. We've done a little research on that as well and what we've discovered is that if you plan to use someone for flowers/cake/decor and plan to meet them, they will not be able to get to the resort. You will have to take a taxi to meet them offsite. They will not be able to get past the guardshack at the front gate by the main road. Just keep that in mind.
  13. I found veil weights on Pinterest by savetheveil.com, I'm thinking about using them myself haven't made a final decision though, might be a good option if the wind is too bad.
  14. Hi Talicea, I found your blog very interesting to read as I too am experiencing many of the same problems as you are. My wedding is the following weekend on April 19. I am on my 4th planner in FL with Karisma. Our 1st planner had been great but left the company to pursue her education. The remaining 3 have been horrible. I experience the same issues with the emails going unanswered or not at all. I know all will work out in the end but this has not been a positive planning experience for us. I feel your pain.
  15. I've been searchin every post in this thread for something and I'm not having any luck. A while back someone posted a few of these BLUE first aid kit templates in different colors. I can't find that post to save my life. Does anyone remember the post I'm referring to? The search function proved to be no help. Here is the blue template. I'm looking for orange and fuschia. first aid kit label.doc
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