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  1. Great review! My situation is just like yours, finally someone I can relate to. Can you tell me how much it cost for you in all? We will be flyingout of dallas also
  2. How did your wedding go? I am trying to do the same as you, cheap and small. Any advice wouldl be super helpful
  3. Does anyone have a wedding planned at Secrets in Maroma in 2013?
  4. Hi I was wondering if I could get an estimate on some brides on what they spent after they booked trip. Mine trip is $5000 and want to know about how much to plan for the actual wedding...
  5. hey ladies I was just wondering about any advice you can give me for this resort/ I am curious how much I should plan on spending once I have booked the trip. Such as photgrapher,hair, makeup, etc. My trip cost a total of $5000 for 7days in a ocean view room with the preferred club. If I could get some input I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Who did you use to book your wedding? Where was your wedding/reception
  7. Your wedding was the best I have seen. I have a wedding planned in June 2013. I was wondering out your flowers at the ceremony and your tables, are those standard? Where exactly was the inside part of thr reception? Any suggestions or advice is appreciated. Really your pics are amazing-thanks
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