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  1. Has anyone been able to get their hands on an activity calendar?
  2. Looking for a mehndi artist in Jamaica as well. If you find one please share
  3. Congrats on your engagement. You had the same must haves as me. Children and one wedding a day landed me at the Iberostar Suites. Though I've heard the beaches in Negril are better than Montego just couldn't find a place there that had my must haves! Happy planning!
  4. Received my confirmation as well during the holidays. I'm going to send a consolidated list of questions, understanding that it may take a bit for a response. Other than that I'll trust them that everything will be planned appropriately 3mths prior. The invites were the biggest thing on my list ... Menus, decor etc not stressing about that yet as my date is Dec 2013.
  5. I've held off from sending save the dates as well. Hoping to get them out in January in order to give everyone a year. I hope we both hear back soon!
  6. Have you heard back? I've sent in everything including the contract. Received a confirmation when I sent through the first documents ie. ID and credit card but nothing after the contract. I've assumed my date is secured but will have my TA double check.
  7. This site and specifically these forums have been such a huge resource. Thanks everyone for the comments and questions that have helped me finally start planning for my wedding at the suites on dec.10. 2013 - exactly one year away!
  8. Has anyone been able to customize the reception menu (non-private)? I have many vegetarian guests and a fiancé allergic to shellfish.
  9. Has anyone been able to customize the menu for the reception (non-private). I have many vegetarian guests that don't eat fish and a fiancé that is allergic to seafood:(
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