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  1. BRIDES AND PAST BRIDES AT PPC: I am having my wedding on July 11 2014 and am looking into welcome party for my guests and also an excursion for the bridal party. is anyone willing to share any of their itineraries with me? I would extremely appreciate it! thank you a bunch!
  2. Lauren2014

    2014 Paradisus Punta Cana

    Hi ladies! My Wedding is quickly approaching!! I am getting married July 11, 2014 at PPC. The romance team in Miami was a complete nightmare and VERY rude may I add when we first started planning. Please mention my name: Lauren Costello if you chose Theresa ... which you definitely SHOULD! Our wedding: Ceremony - Gazebo at 4pm Reception - Poolsideeeee =) My fiance and I just designed our Passport invitations! We are so excited to get them back and see all the hardwork that went into them. I need to ask all the brides though.. WHAT WAS YOUR ITINERARY FOR YOUR GUESTS? ANY TIPS, ADVICE ETC .. please send my way.. thanks ladies!!!
  3. HI all! So I am thinking about changing travel agents. My wedding is not until next july, however, my travel agent is really being a let down. For example, she quoted me a month ago and said we have time. well, we didn't have time because the promotion ended. then told me the rates changed. then told me she doesn't reserve rooms at hotels. if she doesn't reserve rooms wont the rates change? how did all of you go about getting rooms/rates/reservations for your guests? I am really lost in this department.
  4. hi KnC I see we have the SAME WEDDING DATE!!! how are things coming along for you!?
  5. Hi Brides! I am getting married at the PPC July 11, 2014 and I am just in the beginning stages of wedding planning. I have hired Theresa Calcos of Barefoot Bride to help with the planning because I am really unsure what to do! I got an email from my Travel Agent yesterday telling me that the room prices are not the same as she quoted me 2 weeks ago. I am completely bummed and I am not sure what that means or if they will go back down. Next step is DRESS SHOPPING! hopefully this planning just goes smoothly WHen you all sent out save the dates - did you include lodging information and travel agent information? this way the guests know exactly how much the room is and such. I am unable to get air faire until the end of august due to being so far out. hope someone can help! thanks Lauren
  6. Lauren2014

    New DW bride from New Jersey!

    hello all! congratulations to all my fellow DW brides! My fiance and I got engaged last Friday (12.21.12) in Central Park =) and are looking into a jamaica wedding in july of 2014. We have some must haves: children must be able to attend, beach ceremony/reception is a must and no wedding mill place (3 or more weddings a day) i hope to hear from all of you lovely ladies! and look forward to exchanging ides! Lauren
  7. Dear Brides!!! Congratulations to you all =) My fiance and I have been researching destination weddings and have really fell in love with Jamaica! Can you ladies give me some of the best most beautiful places? here are some of my MUST HAVES: Children must be able to attend No wedding factory places (3 or more weddings a day) must have beach ceremony/reception available BUDGET!!! We are getting married in the summer of 2014. I have always wanted to get married on the beach. This past summer, Hurricane Sandy really hit our Jersey Shore hard and alot of the venues are gone. More importantly our beaches are a MESS. so, destination wedding here we come! I hope someone here can point us in the right direction! Lauren xoxox