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  1. Oh my goodness we are leaving in a week for our wedding!! SO FREAKIN' EXCITED!!!! I haven't had the time to participate in a lot of the posts here but I know I couldn't have done this without a lot of you and your tips, advice and inspiration. We have rented out the Picses restaurant for our reception, I promise to take lots of pics and share when we get back . Happy planning ladies!!
  2. EmbellishMe

    Outdoor wedding @ Pisces

    Hi Sleepski, Just wondering if you did end up booking the Pisces restaurant for your private reception. I'm debating the same issue myself right now and it would be great to hear you experience. Thanks so much!
  3. EmbellishMe

    Official OCTOBER 2013 BRIDES

    Hi Ladies I'm SO excited I found this thread, I'm getting married in October too!! We are getting married in Jamaica at Grand Bahia Principe on October 8th. So far we have 30 people that have put their deposit down which we are completely excited about . I just sent my formal invites to press this week and I'm hoping they will be back soon because I'm anxious to send them out. My wedding dress is being made as we speak, and we're going shopping for bridesmaid dresses on April 13..YAY! My one bridesmaid hasn't put her deposit down for the trip yet so I'm a bit concerned about that but other than that everything is running smoothly. Excited to hear how everyone's planning is going
  4. Hi Amber I'm getting married in October at 1pm, so we are in the exact same situation as you I'm trying to get through all these posts, trying to piece everything together from all these wonderful suggestions and ideas
  5. WOW!!! You ROCK!! I love everything, so many special touches and it all came together beautifully! Sending you a PM
  6. Thanks kellip17, unfortunately this one won't ship to Canada But it's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for your help!!
  7. Hello fellow DWB's!! I went to Michael's today to buy the materials I need to create my own Boarding Pass invites and I couldn't find a large Palm Tree hole punch Has anybody had an luck recently find the large hole punch anywhere in Canada? I've noticed lots of posts on here, but most of them seem to be fairly old posts. I hope I'm not out of luck, I saw some really nice Boarding Passes on here and I just have to have the Palm Tree If anyone can help me find one or if you have one you'd like to sell that would be great to! Thanks!!
  8. Thanks for the advice I was thinking of bringing 4 people along with, I might be rethinking that now, lol I guess splitting them up into a couple trips might be okay
  9. EmbellishMe

    Newbie Hello :)

    Thanks brgephar!! Looks like you're getting so close , lucky lady!! Any tips for a Newbie
  10. It's definitely great to find out that you're not the only one, thanks for this post!! I've been a bridesmaid twice and a maid of honour twice plus I have another close friend too. This certainly doesn't seem like many compared to 9 and 12...WOW!! I'm only having a maid of honour and 1 bridesmaid though and I'm having a hard time deciding who will be my bridesmaid which I suppose will depend on who can make it, right? I think it will be a bit hard to not hurt my friends feelings but I really like the idea of including them in other ways, especially with the dress shopping. I personally don't want to take everyone with me, I think it would be just too many opinions and I'm not sure I want to hear them all, lol! I think you would be very brave kellip17 to take 8 or 9 ladies dress shopping with you I'm sure now you've already went dress shopping...how did it go? Did you take all 9 ladies? Thanks again!
  11. EmbellishMe

    Newbie Hello :)

    Thanks ladies!! I'm already loving it on here and all the wonderful ideas that everyone has Now if only I could get to my 150 posts sooner, lol
  12. EmbellishMe

    blazing Mexico Heat affecting makeup?

    Something I was wondering about as well...thanks for the post!!
  13. EmbellishMe

    Manicure Guaranteed for 14 Days???

    I've experienced gel nail polish which is absolutely fabulous for long wear at home, I was thinking about doing it again for our wedding. My only issue is that it causes my strong nails to become super weak, my nails won't grow for 3 months after, they just break constantly . Anyone else had this problem?
  14. EmbellishMe

    Samples for OOT bags

    Thank ladies...the thought didn't cross my mind to try and get some of the items for free. This website it awesome!!