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  1. Hi natata I was married at now jade back in may and I used calla lilies for my bouquet and was not charged for premium. Is there some sort of specific colors you were requesting or something else added to your bouquet that made it premium? I wanted purple and green orchids but those were considered premium so instead, since the WHITE calla lilies are included in the package, they just painted some of the callas purple and green and left some white. It came out really pretty and wasn't charged extra! If youd like to a pic of my flowers just send me an email emmaraykhlin@yahoo.com
  2. The best is wonderful! No rocks or seaweed. Theres some seaweed in the mornings that wash up but the staff clean it super early. the beach is really really great at now jade.
  3. Hi Meg! I was married at now jade on may 16th and used the violinist for the ceremony. I know the violinist and guitarist both had lists you can choose from but they all sounded so beautiful I just let them pick whatever songs. lol I honestly cant even remember what song she actually played. If u ask your WC for the guitarist email address they will contact you. I remember I spoke with the musicians and they sent me lists and also links to youtube so I can hear how they sound. Unfortunately I deleted them sorryyyyyyy I had my reception at the terrace on may 16th. with 44 people. I had purple and green paper lanterns that I brought and they hung them around the ceiling. If you want pics just give me an email emmaraykhlin@yahoo.com I was married at now jade on may 16th and had my reception on the terrace. I have pics if you want just send me an email emmaraykhlin@yahoo.com I am going to try and upload my wedding video that was included with the divine package, its about 20 mins long if anyone would like to see.. Trying to figure out how to do it though :/
  4. I was married at now jade on may 16th, just about 3 months ago I had 44 people and had the divine package. The speaker system is included, the pergola had the white drapes and two floral arrangements on each pole. I had my reception on the terrace and the white linens are included. I brought my own table runners and chair bows and just had to pay the 40$ set up fee, instead of paying $5 each bow!
  5. i don't have an actual copy of the script sorry. I just looked at it when I had my meeting there. you can ask pilar to email it to you though
  6. my dj was also 7-11. I tipped him but no dinner. HEY Raquelita, I tried to email you the pics you asked for from my review but the email was not valid. If you can give the email again I will resend You can ask Pilar for a copy of the script. I did a symbolic ceremony so the officiant spoke about love and family it was very very nice! I just added a small script for her to read at the end of our ceremony which was the breaking of the glass for jewish tradition. I received my video 2 weeks after we got home so super super quick!!! Im not sure how to upload to here but I can def try !
  7. I told isela I need an extra dinner for the photographer and told her what he was going to eat. I had 3 options for dinner, I told my photographer and he picked one. They had a little table with one seat for him off to the side lol
  8. I had an outside photographer and I did pay for his dinner. He told me he was training someone and if I would mind letting him come also but for that I said no. I explained I would of had to pay an additional day pass fee and for dinner and he totally understood. I told him I didn't mind at all for his trainee to come to our TTD session so he just did that instead.
  9. raquelita0715, I tried emailing you the pics but it said your email was not valid.
  10. Im not sure if it is customary, but I did tip the wedding coordinator. They work hard to make sure everything goes exactly as you want. They are there the entire duration of the wedding day from the ceremony until the end of the reception. I had to ask Isela a question at one point of my party and I couldn't find her, I asked the dj if he knew where she was and within 2 minutes he got her for me and she was right there to help. They wear little ear pieces and pagers so they are very quick to come.
  11. Hairflowers.net was where i got my flowers from. For tipping we tipped the wedding coordinator, wait staff, photographer was an outside photographer and i tipped when he took us to do the TTD session. We also hired fire dancers and we tipped them as well. I think the dj was tipped also but i cant remember for sure.
  12. I was married at now jade exactly one month ago! may 16th! I wish i was there doing it all over again I just wanted to let you know you can not pay in casH. I wanted to also but the resort wont accept it. Only credit cards or travelers checks. You can have your flowers (depending on what flowers you pick) in any color you want. I had the calla lillies but my colors were purple and green so they painted the callas in purple and green for me. Came out very very nice! I ordered a purple orchid flower for my hair. I forgot what website i ordered it from but i can find it for you if you need.
  13. I was married may 16th and i brought my own chair bows. They charge a $40 "set up" fee. Its still cheaper though then buying the bows from the resort.
  14. I did use tequila bottles I bought from the resort as favors. When I first inquired about then over a year ago they gave me a price of 6$ per bottle. Then they raised their prices to 15$ each! That is completely ridiculous since the bottles are the little mini ones. Anyway, I told them they already quoted me the 6$ price so I got them for that price but def not worth it to pay 15$ now for them. :/ you can always go into town if you want and buy them in Carmen del playa for about 5$ each.
  15. I finally posted my review, if there are things i missed or anyone has questions please let me know!
  16. I dont know why i cant edit this! The pros are: beautiful beach, and resort. Everyone is very nice! Communication for me was always quick and easy with the wedding coordinators. Cons: Many mosquitos during the dinner, crazy mix-up with welcome bags and the service was kind of slow even though EVERYONE got tipped. Many of my guests kept going down to the mix bar to get their own drinks.
  17. I had a 5:00 ceremony on may 16th and it was great. I had 46 ppl total on the terrance and we fit perfectly fine. I had 2 long tables, one for family, the other for friends and then my husband and i had a table in the middle. Dancing was off to the side and everyone fit fine
  18. sent It was def hot and we were sweating after all the crazy dancing but its really not so bad. Having dinner is nice there, there is a cool breeze from the ocean. I wouldnt of switched it.
  19. Yes I did do the divine package . Here is a pic of the terrace
  20. Hello Ladies! I just returned on friday from 12 days in mexico. I was married on friday may 16th at the pergola of now jade then went on to Dreams for my honeymoon . I did not have the same issues as the past 2 brides who were married in may but there were a few little things.. The resort itself is very nice, the food was excellent in the restaurants and the buffet was ehhh just a buffet. For an all inclusive resort i thought the food was very good. I had 44 guests and probably 15 of them had some stomach issues. Nothing so bad that they couldnt enjoy themselves completely or anything but had to go to the bathroom quite a few times I honestly would say its due to sooo much fruity drinks you have all day long but obviously i could be wrong. I drank just as much as anyone else there and ate all the food and neither my husband (that sounds weird to say) or myself got sick I didnt have any problems with my room, I paid for an ocean front and got an ocean front. My travel agent told me they upgrade you upon availability and she also explained to me the room block is just to make sure your guests will have an available room, not have you in the same building. I wasnt put in the preferred side of the resort which is way far from the regular building but they did give me the perferred perks which isnt really anything special. I didnt make a big deal to have my room switched to the other side because nobody from our group was on that side so it was just easier for us to all stay close together. I requested for my grandparents to be in the same building and as close as possible to my parents and they did have them close together so no complaints there. We had our ceremony at the pergola, cocktail hr at the mix bar, and reception at the terrace. Everyone said everthing was amazing and beautiful and had a great time! We hired gonzalo nunez for the wedding day and TTD and he was amazing. I will write a full detailed review with pics soon!
  21. ok , maybe i will take it apart and leave them flat. I can actually leave them kind of flat as long as the cups arent in them since everything else is travel size stuff; mini lotion, aloe vera, deck of cards advil etc. i can put them cups inside one another and put them along side the bags i guess. I unfortunately barely have any receipts! I have a few but not many. I m just going to hope i dont get stopped! What kind of things did you put into your bags and what do the bags look like? size? Thanks!
  22. Hey ladies im leaving for mexico in about 2 1/2 weeks ! Im trying to pack all my decorations and welcome bags now so i dont have to do it last minute but im having trouble with these oot bags! For past brides, what was the best way to pack them? I have 22 bags im packing and i have them already put together. I have 16 oz drink tumblers in the bags and i think thats the biggest reason i cant fold the bags completely over or flat to make more room. As of now i have two suitcases filled with all my stuff , the bags, paper lanterns, bubbles, guest book, table runners, chair bows, straws, napkins and rose petals. Then one carry on for a few things i dont want to get ruined like the flower girl baskets and the bridal party jewelry. Is 2 full suitcases plus a carry on just of decor seem like too much or is that usual? What have past brides done and future brides plan? Emma
  23. Hey Meg, I am not having an at home reception so im not sure how to handle those rsvps but for the destination wedding I sent out my invited in mid jan, asked for an RSVP by march 1. and my wedding is may 16th. I sent out save the dates a year before my wedding so people pretty much already knew if they were going i think. If not i gave them another month and a half to figure it out. lol Although, i did have a lot of people i had to hunt down since they forgot about the rsvp date!
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