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  1. Hello brides! I'm getting married on 10/4/13 at the RIU Santa Fe and I've read that a lot of you have gotten your flowers/bridesmaids bouquets at Costco. How early before the wedding do you have to select them for them to be ready? Also, do they have a big variety? Thanks again in advance!
  2. Hey all you super helpful ladies!! I'm getting married on 10/4/13 and I've read that a lot of you have gotten your flowers/bridesmaids bouquets at Costco. How early before the wedding do you have to select them for them to be ready? Also, do they have a big variety? Thanks again in advance!
  3. Wow! Your hair looks amazing! I think it looks great kinda loose like that. I have a picture of how I want to do my hair but I don't have very thick hair so I don't know if it will work. But I'll figure something out. And I really like those starfish bobby pins! I may have to consider those! We have not started the OOT bags but I get home in about 10 days so that's when we are going to start looking into that. Nothing like waiting till the last minute huh? I've though about getting cups as well since the ones they serve you at all-inclusive resorts are so small. I'll keep in mind that I may need an extra suit case! HA!
  4. Hi brides! Do any of you know of a good place to get eye lash extensions? Thanks!
  5. The sunglasses are really nice actually for the price. I mean they are not heavy duty but they will work. The frames are plastic and the sides are a rubber type material. The colors are great too. We get to Mexico on 10/1 Tuesday. We have to be there 2 full days before the day of the wedding to work with the coordinator. For my bouquet I am having real flowers because that is included in the wedding package. As far as bridesmaids flowers we are just going to run over to Costco and get some made up there. That's what a lot of other brides have told me they did when in Cabo. Nothing crazy expensive though. I honestly didn't think about artificial flowers. That's not a bad idea at all! I might have to think about that one. Etsy seems to be a popular site for wedding stuff huh? We bought our "boarding pass" invitations there and I also bought my rhinestone/satin sash there as well. They have a really cute rhinestone starfish hair pin that i've been eyeing but haven't decided on that yet. As far as jewelry I already have my earrings that I ordered from hautelook. I've decided not to wear a necklace since my earrings and sash are kinda blingy. I figured that would be a little too much for a mexico wedding. I am soooo excited about it though. But yeah, if I think of any questions I will definitely be in touch. Thanks!
  6. Hi nbateman! Here is the link to the sunglasses http://www.4funparties.com/Assorted_Neon_Sunglasses_p/wp22.htm They are definitely not real sunglasses considering sides are rubber but they are only for a day so I figured what the heck? They are very fun! So we're getting married the same day? How cool is that? I am super excited! My wedding coordinator just emailed me with forms to fill out about colors, flowers, decorations, the cake...etc. I can not believe how close it is!
  7. Just thought of another question. Does anyone know where there is a good place to get eyelash extensions?
  8. Hi Arla! Thank you so much for your feedback. Hanging out at the bars and food areas during lunch time sounds like a plan. I was worried we'd get in trouble for it so if no one notices that is great!
  9. These are amazing!! Could you also send me the templates? sandyloo117@hotmail.com Thank you so much!
  10. Hi everyone! I am getting married in Cabo San Lucas, MX on October 4, 2013! We are both sooo excited! We live in Anchorage, Alaska and at first looked into getting married around there. Weddings are crazy expensive! After the 2nd venue we looked at we decided to get married in Cabo at the resort (RIU Santa Fe) we've stayed at 3 different times. So instead of paying all that money for one day that only my fiance will really remember we decided to just do a vaca with family and friends! Everyone is SOOO excited! My friends are literally counting down the days along with me. We are getting married at 2pm on the beach. We are just gonna do the ceremony and cake at the resort because we are going to have the reception on a sunset cruise at 5:30pm. Then after that we will just stay downtown and party it up! We are paying for 4 nights for the bridal party which ends up being 7 couples. We figured since they are willing to fly down to our wedding that's the least we could do. I have already bought my wedding dress! Got it last October actually. I maaay have been a little excited I also got a reception dress that I will wear on the boat and downtown. My bridesmaids already have their dresses as well. I picked a bright poppy color because I wanted them to stand out against the blue ocean and tan sand. I finally got my fiance to agree on his outfit last month! Why does it take them so long to even start looking at these things? He received his vest and pants so now we just need to go looking for a shirt and tie. He is going to go with one of his groomsmen to pick out their attire. I still need to get the ootds together. Still not sure what exactly I am going to do for that. I did get a bunch of wayfarer sunglasses with neon rims though! They are so awesome! I am going to put those on the guests seats right before the wedding. I also got a bunch of glow stick bracelets so that when we do the bachelor & bachelorette party everyone can wear one so we can always find each other. Same for the after party after the reception. We also booked our photographer. Her pictures look amazing on her website so we are super excited to see how ours turn out. Anyways, I know this was a suuuper long post. Sorry about that! Congratulations to all the other October brides! Can't wait to hear how everyone's weddings went!
  11. Hi all! So I was wondering if anyone has ran into this problem. So we are getting married at 2pm. We want a small reception at 3pm which some snacks and drinks. Just something small because we are going on a sunset cruise afterwards. Well, since none of the restaurants are open yet we would have to have the reception at the El Patio Ingles. Fom the pictures it looks like the main court yard next to the buffet restaurant. We have to pay for a private reception for this. Has anyone had their reception there? If so was it worth the price? It will only be fore a short time. If anyone has any advice on this or anything else you would recommend please let me know. Thank you!
  12. I can't see the pictures either. Basically you have to pay $30 to become a LIFE member to be able to see attachments. Not worth it in my opinion.
  13. My fiance and I are also getting married at the Riu Santa Fe resort! But not until 10-04-2013. I can't wait to hear how your wedding turns out!
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