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  1. Hey Ladies! Great reading all your notes here. I am Australian but getting married at DREAMS LOS CABOS on October 29. It was a huge surprise for us as we travel to Cabo each year and only booked the wedding for 20 guests. We now have 71 Australians coming!!! Insane! Anyway I have everything sorted for my OOT bags if anyone needed a little inspiration http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/86273/loads-of-pics-for-invite-stationary-oot-bags-for-cabo-wedding#post_1907506 I cant wait to see photos from everyones weddings after October! Jil
  2. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/86273/loads-of-pics-for-invite-stationary-oot-bags-for-cabo-wedding#post_1907506
  3. Hi, Yes I ordered the ones from Oriental Trading & the feedback had someone mention they were child sizes, so I took the risk, but they are normal. Cheap enough to buy and on sell if you dont like them I guess? I cant seem to find them on the site at the moment though I can pm you if I find them. Thanks again
  4. LOADS of pictures of my bags. I am still adding to them and have changed the menus, but all in all, a lot of fun times getting these ready ! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/86273/loads-of-pics-for-invite-stationary-oot-bags-for-cabo-wedding I hope you like them!!
  5. That would be great thank you. My email is jilda@stk.net.au. Thanks again
  6. Has anyone used the Cabo Adventure photographers at Dreams? We have them included in our package but more than happy to look elsewhere if they aren't great.
  7. Im Australian and getting married at Dreams Los Cabos, Mexico. Originally we thought we would only have 20 guests coming but instead we have 71! So to show our appreciation, we wanted to make sure our Guests loved everything surrounding our wedding & their week in Mexico. I am a Travel Agent so you may notice a bit of overkill on the destination info... this is purely so I didn't have to answer the same questions 50 times We started off with A4 white gloss gift boxes from the UK (ebay) to which I almost hot glued my fingers every night putting the damned things together. I brought a full roll of Black edging lace and inch wide black satin ribbon to create the runner across the lid. Easily hot glued under the flaps of the folded lid. Included in the Box was : -Invitation -Dreams Resort Booklet (Had a box sent from the Hotel to my house), -Small bottle of essential oil which we popped different labels like our names, Cabo & Dreams Resort. -DVD of a destination & resort video we created. You can view it HERE. We mixed together official tourism clips along with our own video. - Disneyland DVD & Brochure - (We knew most people would hit it up before Mexico) We also included the above MEXICAN PASSPORT type booklets. It had loads of info.Below are some of the pages. If anyone would like to use it as a template, just email me and I can shoot it across to you These are not in order but you get the picture. Our website was loaded with info to combat everyone's questions so my best advice to keep it updated. I was amazed at how many guests mentioned they were on our website during the day especially whilst at work hahaha. They are excited to be travelling too so it cool to add things regularly. Being a Travel Agent and obviously taking care of 99% of the bookings, I wanted to make sure that I was giving everyone the correct info. Most of the info in this Departure Brochure is specific to Australian Travellers. These brochures were done on a Vistaprint special with a $30 coupon so ended up free + shipping. And these are my OOT Bags Messenger Bags in 6 bright colors from Oriental Trading (26) $10 Sunglasses from Oriental Trading (26) $11 First Aid Kits from the Reject Shop $1ea Hand Sanitizer from the Reject Shop 75c ea Mr & Mrs Playing Cards from Oriental Trading (24) $15 Mint Tins with mints from Oriental Trading (24) $15 Beer Koozies from Oriental Trading (24) $10 Bottle Openers from Vistaprint on a special and have a $30 coupon so came down to $17 for 25 Postcards from Vistaprint on their 50 free special. Tissue packs from the Reject Shop $1ea Trivia Books Covers (Thank you card) from Vistaprint (25) $5.99 BEAUTY BAGS Cosmetic Bags in 6 colors from Oriental Trading - Actually Pencil Cases (26) $10 Nail file from the Reject Shop (30) $2 Facial Cleansing Wipes from the Reject Shop $1ea Razors from the Reject Shop (6) $2ea Nail Varnish, mixed OPI, Loreal & Revlon brought locally. Lip Balms from Amazon (26) $13 Hair Ties and pins (always lose mine so thought this was great for a hot destination!) (500 pins & 100 ties) $6 Reject shop Nivea Creme Tins from the Reject Shop $1ea My Trivia Books have a personalised word search, lots of movie trivia and some personalised trivia questions about us. Happy to email copies out if you want to use the template. Lanyards with Plastic slips from Oriental Trading (48) $22 I got these printed from Vistaprint on their Business Cards for free deal.... usually available all the time! The outside is printed in color and to fit inside the lanyards. The insides include a rough tipping chart for the Aussies and also a currency converter into Mexican Pesos. This was a little idea to let people just throw their room keys and credit cards etc into and maybe not wear it, but pop in their pockets outside of the resort. MIDNIGHT SNACK BOXES Fortune Cookies from Oriental Trading (30) $18 Buttermints from Oriental Trading (150) $8 HANGOVER KIT BOXES Hydrolyte from the Chemist (12) $20 Panadol from the Chemist (24) $8 Stickers from Vistaprint Mini hot pink & orange boxes from Oriental Trading (60) $4 My Welcome booklets were also printed from Vistaprint for the covers. We included a personalised Thank you to all our Guests, Order of Events, Our Story and some other bits and pieces about the resort. Front cover and inside front cover = Inside back cover and back cover = We matched these up by using the same design but different covers for the Ceremony booklets For our Menus, we decided to play around with the reverse side and its something fun that we can keep. From Vistaprint they are just the oversized postcards. Last but not least is our Guest gifts. The ladies all received a pair of earrings or a necklace whilst the gentlemen had rolled cigars. I brought the Tin boxes on a trip to Bali (24) $4 bargain! I had to make these from scratch so I brought the foam, black felt and pink & orange ribbon from Spotlight here in Aus and put them all together. The earrings are then clasped around the ribbon. There is sooo much more that I havent uploaded, so slowly, I will add more to this but please let me know if I can help make any of this easier for anyone out there
  8. Hey Samantha, I am getting married at Dreams in October as well (29th) and am also a Travel Agent in Australia so I have been arranging the room block myself. They are easy to deal with but I blocked 40 rooms a year in advance and last week I asked for 3 more and they said its fine, but we cant get much more as they have another 6 weddings on that week. Get in early Good Luck !!!
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