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  1. Hey Ladies! Great reading all your notes here. I am Australian but getting married at DREAMS LOS CABOS on October 29. It was a huge surprise for us as we travel to Cabo each year and only booked the wedding for 20 guests. We now have 71 Australians coming!!! Insane! Anyway I have everything sorted for my OOT bags if anyone needed a little inspiration http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/86273/loads-of-pics-for-invite-stationary-oot-bags-for-cabo-wedding#post_1907506 I cant wait to see photos from everyones weddings after October! Jil
  2. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/86273/loads-of-pics-for-invite-stationary-oot-bags-for-cabo-wedding#post_1907506
  3. Hi, Yes I ordered the ones from Oriental Trading & the feedback had someone mention they were child sizes, so I took the risk, but they are normal. Cheap enough to buy and on sell if you dont like them I guess? I cant seem to find them on the site at the moment though I can pm you if I find them. Thanks again
  4. LOADS of pictures of my bags. I am still adding to them and have changed the menus, but all in all, a lot of fun times getting these ready ! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/86273/loads-of-pics-for-invite-stationary-oot-bags-for-cabo-wedding I hope you like them!!
  5. That would be great thank you. My email is jilda@stk.net.au. Thanks again
  6. Has anyone used the Cabo Adventure photographers at Dreams? We have them included in our package but more than happy to look elsewhere if they aren't great.
  7. Im Australian and getting married at Dreams Los Cabos, Mexico. Originally we thought we would only have 20 guests coming but instead we have 71! So to show our appreciation, we wanted to make sure our Guests loved everything surrounding our wedding & their week in Mexico. I am a Travel Agent so you may notice a bit of overkill on the destination info... this is purely so I didn't have to answer the same questions 50 times We started off with A4 white gloss gift boxes from the UK (ebay) to which I almost hot glued my fingers every night putting the damned things together. I bro
  8. Hey Samantha, I am getting married at Dreams in October as well (29th) and am also a Travel Agent in Australia so I have been arranging the room block myself. They are easy to deal with but I blocked 40 rooms a year in advance and last week I asked for 3 more and they said its fine, but we cant get much more as they have another 6 weddings on that week. Get in early Good Luck !!!
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