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  1. That's what I did while doing Insanity as well... hot yoga and I ran on my days off from doing yoga but still followed Insanity religiously. I've never been in better shape then I was doing that work out program. You'll get amazing results
  2. I LOVED Insanity. I also attempted to complete the Asylum afterwards but things got too crazy busy with the wedding. It's really a great program and I always recommend it I just started the Focus T25 (Shawn T's newest workout program) and it's perfect. I'm so busy these days and I like to run and do yoga as well so it's perfect. Good luck
  3. He is AMAZING!!!We are also Roman Catholic but didn't want to get married in the Church. We still wanted a religious ceremony even though we did our legal part before we left Canada. It was the best decision having him. My guests loved him as well. I didn't want do it legally in Punta Cana because it is done by the judge and it's in Spanish then translated.
  4. Check out Vanessa as well. It doesn't hurt to get a quote. I seriously requested quotes from at least 12 agents before I settled with her because I felt I owed it to my guests to do as much research as I could. She is amazing and responds instantly and ALL of my guests loved her. I just got back from my wedding and ACV had cancelled flights due to terrible weather in Ottawa and she was on the phone with ACV until 7 am rebooking my guests to get them sorted out. It was my worst nightmare but in the end she came through and worked her butt off to get them to Punta Cana ASAP. Good Luck with your wedding!! Happiest day of my life Now to figure out where to go for the honeymoon haha.... Vanessa Martinez at Centre Holidays. vanessam@centreholidays.com Phone: 613.224.6749 Toll Free: 1.888.823.8801 ext 216
  5. This is awesome. Thanks! Just about to start changing everything over
  6. We are getting there July 20th My Wedding is the 23rd on the beach Maybe you'll see it??
  7. Yep! They took about three weeks and I didn't pay duty. They are AWESOME!!!
  8. We bought ours from Le Chateau at West Ed. My fiance will wear the light gray linen suit and the groomsmen will wear the gray linen pants and vest with coral ties. I LOVE the suits. So sharp and very reasonably priced. The pants were $89.95, Vest $79.95 and the blazer was $175.00.
  9. My FI is 6'5 and 240 lbs. He plays hockey and has very large muscular thighs. The pants worked perfectly. We ordered a 36. I was really worried about the pants being to tight around his legs but the fit is perfect and it looks so sharp. We just bought the groomsmen's vests/pants from there as well. I'm so glad I found them and they are so sharp!
  10. I ordered the swatches back in February and there was a sample of the Hawaiian Light grey but when I went to place an order online, it wasn't listed. I contacted customer service and they no longer carry that fabric. I was pretty disappointed because I had my heart set on the light grey. We ended up buying linen suits from Le Chateau. They are really sharp and the shade of grey is perfect for the beach. Exactly what I had envisioned. It's pretty pricey but with the duties and shipping we would've paid ordering from Linen Suits, it evens out and everyone can try on their outfits prior to purchasing. My FI is wearing a suit and the groomsmen will be wearing the grey linen pants and the vest. I am really happy with them!
  11. If you really want the Elegance club, it's probably wise to go ahead and book it. I've heard of some brides getting upgraded to all different types of rooms and I've also heard of upgrades not being available. We really wanted a swim up suite but instead just booked a jr suite on the club side. Hopefully we will get an upgrade but if we don't, it's not a big deal.
  12. When is your wedding? Those totes are impossible to find these days. They seem to come and go in waves so I'll keep my eye out for you at the Edmonton dollaramas and let you know. So you need 20 to 25 more or does the 10 that you picked up count towards that?
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