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  1. Hi I'm from merseyside and looking to get married in Mexico in summer 2015. Still currently looking at resorts but El Dorao Marma is currently our favourite. Not sure if you have previously visited the rui or not but we recently stayed at the riu Tequila just up the road so any questions on the beach/area or anything let me know!
  2. That's such a lovely idea having it to keep as a memento. I will have to find some nice long necklaces! Thanks for the idea! X
  3. I adore the hair vines, any idea where you can buy these/ have them made (I'm guessing etsy?). I love your overall style I think it goes really well together! I would choose the second earrings btw! X
  4. Thanks so much for the review! Did you notice that there where many children around the EDM (beach, restaurants etc) because of the new generations hotel? I'm sure your wedding will be beautiful & you will love your choice!
  5. Wow congratulations on 25 years Mary, you are also super organised!
  6. Hi Future Mrs Perez I am also a 2015 bride in the same boat. I am from the UK and the travel agents here will not book for August 2015 until April 2014! That seems like so far away but I am looking into everything & getting as many ideas as possible now so I can book straight away. This forum is full of fab ideas. Good luck with your planning x
  7. Both of these are perfect I love them both! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Hi have a look on the knock off wedding thread you will find lots of replica photos and advice on choosing a company to make your dress for you. Jasmines Bridal Shop seems to get good reviews. If you really want to TTD but not use your original dress a replica is a brilliant idea. Good luck x
  9. Lovely dress, sometimes you just know when something is "the one", I'm sure you will look stunning in it. X
  10. Both are lovely but I prefer the second one, go with your heart though! X
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