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  1. Excellent! Thanks for the review! I am May 3, 2014 and am getting suuper excited!
  2. I am wondering the same thing! I also am thinking about ditching the BM flowers for parasols instead. At first I wanted to do both, but now i wonder whether it will be too much for them to carry both!
  3. I am currently having this same debate as well. I am thinking no boutonniere because of the linen shirts, l wonder if it will make them drag a little. I definately don't think that they are necessary! DW's are a little off the beaten path, so why not do whatever you want! I am also considering ditching the BM flowers for parasols as well! BM bouquets are $50 each, and the parasols are $15! Just another way to a save a little.
  4. These are fantastic! So glad I found this because I was starting to worry about the price of buying 100 of these online at $7 each!
  5. Hey, correct, the $1978 pp is with return airfare. I have no idea about the resort rates because we booked through a TA, but I assume is was 2014 because I had to wait around for a certain time before I was able to even book! Excitedddd! 9 months now!
  6. Ahhhh! Getting people to book is so stressful! How did you all deal with it? Our deposits are due in 2 days to keep the reserved places on the plane, but it seems like no one is on the ball with it yet. And I have people about a YEAR notice because I have been saying since last year that we would be booking around now for a DW in 2014.
  7. I just booked today for May 3, 2014, at 2:00pm. The 4:00pm slot was already booked :-( , but 2:00 should be fine, right? I am SUPER excited to FINALLY book! I have been planning this for a YEAR, but haven't been able to book until now because flight schedules are only available one year in advance. We booked for April 29-May 6th, 2014. Our price is $1978 pp (tax in), which is higher than I wanted people to have to pay, but seeing as we are going from one tropical island another (NEWFOUNDLAND to JAMAICA), the prices don't go any lower than that!! I am really excited to finally book! The past couple of months my travel agent, Katie Baird of TPI Travel, has been working hard constantly pricing trips from January-May for 3 different hotels (our top 3 were Iberostar, GP, and Gran Bahai). But its an awesome feeling to have finally decided on place and time! :-)
  8. I am also a 2014 Bride!!! :-) We are looking at getting married in May/June 2014, in Jamaica!! I love Jamaica! We actually had a big wedding planned for home, but when we were in Jamaica this past winter I fell in love with it and was envious of all the brides I saw getting married on the beautiful beaches! So, why be envious when its not too late to change plans! So we cancelled our home wedding, and now we are super looking forward to getting married on a beach with just close friends and family! We havent decided on resort yet because flight schedules are only released about 12-14 months in advance so I have to hang on until this Winter to book, but I am getting started already! We have our colours, so we are started on all the little things! Super excited to have discovered this forum and to be able to share my excitement with my fellow DW brides! :-)
  9. Hello fellow Brides!! :-) I am getting married in Jamaica the Spring of 2014!! I am bursting with excitement and anticipation as I am not able to book our Jamaican wedding vacation for several more months as flight schedules are not even released yet! lol But we have already started the planning and getting all things organized! Our top choices for resorts include the Gran Bahai and the Grand Palladium! Name: Steph and Tyler Location: TBD Winter 2013 Wedding: Spring 2014 in Jamaica: TBD
  10. Exactly what I wanted!

    Pros: The mugs were exactly as ordered
    Cons: None
    I have to say I am absolutely 100% satisfied with my purchase from Factory 21. Everything right from the initial ordering process, to the customization of my order, to the delivery time, to the mug itself, everything was perfect! :-) Amanda replied in a timely fashion, she made a custom design, she accommodated my request for multiple colours (my main colour is pink but that's not fair for men to have to use a pink mug), the mugs arrived 2 weeks later (to Newfoundland, Canada), and they were e
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