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  1. I wanted 5 stars!!! The value of these talented photographers are more than excellent! I did not review before I posted...that's my fault :/
  2. goodness, now I'm terrified of Father Quinn. We have been legally married in the states for over 3 years and have a child together. how is he going to be with us?!?!?!
  3. Hi Braf... I am using Patricia Lameda with Weddings in Cancun...She is great and very affordable. She always takes time to answer my questions, no matter how silly they are... and is super organized.
  4. I am also of MExican descent... my father is full Italian and got drafted in the 60's to San Antonio, TX, where he met my Mexican Mama who was working at the army base. I am super jealous you have that chapel!! lol... I have fear of some of our older guests making it down the stairs, and let's be honest, I'm afraid too lol, that's why we chose to have the ceremony at the hilltop, Have you ever been to Xcaret? My husband and I have gone twice over the past 6 years... it's spectacular! The atmosphere is so overwhelming, in a good way! There are things that are so beautiful there it will move you to tears! Do you have a facebook? I would love to be friends and share some ideas... My full name is Jill Finelli Bascetta... The del Sol photgraphs are gorgeous... Can't wait!!!
  5. Hey everyone! I came across this forum, and unfortunately, I don't know how to just post a link here, but the title is, "How Does A Real Xcaret Wedding Looks Like"... I know the English is a little off , but this is the first I've seen of actual Brides and Grooms putting their own touches on an Xcaret wedding. It's been super helpful to me to see the decor of the reception area and the ceremony site... but it's also put doubt in my head on where we would want to have the ceremony in the first place! The pictures of the Chapel Guadalupe are spectacular! Just copy & paste the title into the search bar on the site, and it should bring you right to it! Enjoy!!
  6. "jbascetta209 just a few weeks before us! How exciting! I am also working with Patricia. She's been so helpful! Have you been quoted prices at Gran Porto Real? I was also thinking of staying there because it's kid friendly and so close to 5th Ave. I am also skipping the fancy chairs and centerpieces. This place is amazing! Have you taken a trip out there or are you planning to before the wedding? When do you plan on sending save the dates? I am taking engagement pictures on Sept. 30th so we will probably be sending our out by the year mark or right before it. I apologize for all the questions, I am just so excited to have found other brides that will be tying the knot right before us!" We have gotten rates... they do not include airfare (coming from Connecticut/NY), but they seem to be pretty decent. We have a son who will be 3 and a half at the time of the wedding, so that is the reason we are choosing the Gran Porto. My husband and I were in a wedding at the Royal in Cancun this past November, and that is in the same resort group as the Gran Porto, so we are confident it will be great. I know it is not as luxurious at the Royal in Cancun or in Playa del Carmen, but we will have our whole family there, and don't need to be too fancy to have fun We were quoted $408 for a three night stay per person, all-inclusive, and $104 per person for any extra nights. This price also includes transportation to and from the airport. That is for the regular room, the Junior OceanView Suite... We wanted to stay in the Master Suite (which isn't too much more expensive) so we can have all the girls getting ready in the room the day of. We plan on sending our Save the Dates out at least a year in advance. I have seen some great MExican inspired ones on Etsy at the store named, "calaverapress1". Also, I saw this idea and I think it would be suppper cute... you can have personalized mini maracas painted, with a tag attached which states to "Shake at the Kiss". I thought the idea was great and kinda unique. Where are you from originally?
  7. AHH!! Our wedding is on October 19, 2013... We are having the ceremony at St Francis of Assisi Chapel and our reception at La Isla restaurant. We are so so so super excited! I am letting our venue speak for itself, and not going overboard getting fancy chairs, or fancy centerpieces. We have settled on the DJ Xcaret and the Ancient Dancers to perform. We are staying in Playa del Carmen at the Gran Porto Real, and we can't wait to go ! We have hired a wedding planner... Patricia from Weddings in Cancun, and she's so helpful and never makes me feel like I'm bothering her. I am super confident that she will deliver what it is we are looking for. If you ladies have any suggestions, I would love to hear some too! Jill
  8. I think you can do anything and everything! The only things I would.omit, (which are basically money savers) are the fancy transportation & fancy flowers! As far as the set up of the reception, if you're lucky enough to have one in paradise and one with friends it family that couldn't make it, enjoy & do it twice! I plan on doing this as well... We have a huge Italian family and they expect a lot out of our weddings... I am almost relieved at the excuse of not having to plan a wedding here! We are getting married at an Eco park in Mexico (xcaret) and having a party back home upon our return (about 3 weeks after). Good luck with everything!
  9. I just cried looking at these photos! Beautiful!
  10. Hi! I am looking on booking our hotel at Gran Caribe as we have a son that will be joining us for the celebration and unable to stay at The Royal. I wanted to know what you thought about how close the hotel is to the activities in Playa del Carmen; also about Xcaret. Our wedding is on October 19, 2013, and I wanted to have a Mexican flair in our menu. I myself am half Italian, half Mexican, and since we are trekking a small army of people to Mexico to enjoy our wedding, I would like the menu to reflect Mexico! Was it easy to make small changes to the menu with the staff at Xcaret? (If that's something you did at all)... any info would be greatly appreciated!!
  11. This is a review of:

    Del Sol Photography

    The Best Decision We Made!

    Pros: they care...TRULY!!
    Cons: nothing!
    We were looking to capture moments in our wedding, not just images. Debora and Diego were AMAZING! Our wedding ceremony and reception was at Xcaret... a truly magical place and a "once in a lifetime" experience for us and our guests. Even our guests said, "Your wedding was the most beautiful I've ever been to... and your photographers! OMG!" ... And they hadn't even seen the pictures yet! Debora was truly a wonderful and talented woman, and went out of her way for us to make us comfortable. We w
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