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  1. November 9th - Xcaret Eco Park! We have 50 guests booked already! Excited! Looking forward to sharing ideas/plans with everyone! Mayra
  2. @ jbascetta209...I just added you on facebook! Aww, what an cute story with your parents! You have the best of both worlds, Italian & Mexican what a nice mix of cultures! I have to admit that I had those steps at the chapel in mind when I made my decision but I just had to take the risk, lol! It's too gorgeous! We were in Playa del Carmen last fall but we didn't go to Xcaret. I fell in love with the location through pictures and I have not read one bad review so I went with my gut feeling. I want to take a visit very soon though!
  3. The Chapel of Guadalupe looks amazing! That is why we booked our wedding in Xcaret - I was looking for a breathtaking ceromony location and when I saw pics to this chapel I was astounded! I absolutely love it! Thanks again for sharing! I have gone to http://www.delsolphotography.com/blog/index.php to look at their xcaret wedding albums and they are all amazing!
  4. Thanks for all of the info jbascetta209! The pictures you sent are amazing, it's so exciting! I am from Chicago, of mexican decent. My parents were born in Mexico. $408 for a 3 night stay is pretty awesome! I def have to look into pricing. We will def be staying in a kid friendly hotel because we have quite a few nephews attending the wedding! I will also be sending save the dates a year in advance too! The store that you recommended is awesome, so many cute ideas! Thanks so much for sharing! I feel like you are way more advanced on your planning then I am!
  5. jbascetta209 just a few weeks before us! How exciting! I am also working with Patricia. She's been so helpful! Have you been quoted prices at Gran Porto Real? I was also thinking of staying there because it's kid friendly and so close to 5th Ave. I am also skipping the fancy chairs and centerpieces. This place is amazing! Have you taken a trip out there or are you planning to before the wedding? When do you plan on sending save the dates? I am taking engagement pictures on Sept. 30th so we will probably be sending our out by the year mark or right before it. I apologize for all the questions, I am just so excited to have found other brides that will be tying the knot right before us!
  6. My date was actually changed to Nov 9, 2013 so we will be getting married just two days before you two! Exciting! Happy Planning!
  7. Happy Planning to you too!
  8. Yes, they are wonderful! I am so glad I found info about them on here!
  9. The location and food/drinks are the same price. I will only be saving on having to hire entertainment from Xcaret. I am having a DJ and perhaps a mariachi but that's it and my wedding planner will be getting them for me.
  10. I am having the ceremony at Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel and my reception at Las Islas. Because I am working with Weddings in Cancun, one of the only outside wedding planning company's that's authorized to work with Xcaret - I was able to opt out of having to hire entertainment directly from Xcaret. I actually got all of their info from here, a few other brides on her have hired them in the past. That info saved me so much money!
  11. Thanks Jessi! Yes, that would really help. I am so excited to have found you ladies on here! I couldn't find many brides having their wedding in Xcaret - it will be great to hear about your weddings!
  12. Thanks for your response rehanak! Are you working directly with Xcaret Wedding Coordinators? I am working with Weddings In Cancun wedding planner and they have been great with us too! As I continue planning a little more I will def have questions, thanks again for your response!
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    Hope this helps - Xcaret info! XCARET_WEDDINGS[2].pdf
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