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  1. I agree , I think I am going to go with the spanish guitar , I had assumed i was going to pick the violin first but now thinking about it it seems natural and keeping with the natural spanish theme. Also Is anyone doing a mid reception entertainment , My FI is Italian and most weddings here have Italian dancers or some form of entertainment is expected . I had already planned on getting the mariatchi band to play as we left the church , but spanish dancers would be intresting for the reception Thanks for any input Melissa 2014
  2. I'm getting scared about the cost for my guests . I got my quote from our travel agent and it is 1650$ per person . We have stayed at the palace before but now I'm worried our guests will be offended by the price . Especially for those that haven't traveled much..... Eckkkkk what to do !? My future brother in law has 3 teenagers , it will cost him over 8g I'm feeling extremely guilty . Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Did any of you have any issues with this ? Thanks Melissa
  3. Who didn't you get approval from ? The Mexican roman catholic bishop or your local bishop ? Was the process lengthy ? Did they give you a reason why ? Thanks Melissa
  4. Sorry to hear about the issues with the preist . That's why I have been asking so many questions regarding the priests . I haven't heard of any truely positive reviews . We've asked our local preist to come with us and he said its a possibility but we need to get approval from our bishop . Crossing my fingers it actually can happen
  5. I'm still trying to decide between the tangerine package and the strawberry . Did anyone add on the white sitting area for the beach and the cocktail hour to to strawberry package ? If so how was the price upgrade ? Thanks Melissa
  6. Huge help . Now I can finally start buying items that are colour theamed !! Just wanted to make sure my choices were avaliable Thanks Again ! Melissa
  7. Has anyone received the email from the WC about colour choices ?? I am not getting married for another 18 months so I'm not booked yet If you have it and would be able to email me at melissaburns1984@hotmail.com . Thanks Melissa
  8. Yes defiantly let me know how it goes !! I keep hearing great things about the church in Playa downtown . But the small chapel on the resort is so much more convenient and has some symbolism to us . Good luck next month Melissa
  9. Good to know , I had no idea the fee was that high . Guess that probably will apply to a DJ as well .
  10. FireyNurse I just looked at your photos and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them , I actually got teary eyed with the photos of you two exchanging the gifts behind the wall and when your now husband was crying at the ceremony . all looked so perfect , it took away any doubts i had about what resort I had chosen . I hadn't been to the palace since 2011 and was scared it may have changed . Your reception looked perfect , did you buy those chair sashes ? and were those table linens part of the strawberry Passion package ?? ps - your just married bikini !! great idea !! take care Melissa oh also I'm a nurse in Ontario but I usta live in Calgary I worked on Spine Trauma at foothills ( i think you said your in Calgary)
  11. I have heard from one bride that the priest on the resort who did her catholic mass was atrocious. !! Ive been to mass on the resort before but it was in Spanish so everything sounded beautiful to me lol. Is there only the one priest ? Father James Hogan ? I am considering asking our local preist , but we need to start going to church more Thanks Melissa
  12. I called westjet yesterday and if you use them and have over 10 guests they will give you 10% off but only on air , it doesn't apply to package deals or any seat sales . Seems kind of pointless when your trying to make the trip more accessible for your guests . And if you use the "group rate" system you have to pay for a deposit on each guest and then the total amount 60 days prior to departure , and I'm not thrilled about tha idea either . To much room for stress and errors . I am going to talk to a travel agent too on Monday and see if it is just beneficial to use Expedia . Good luck Let me know how it works out Melissa November 2014
  13. I arrive on a Saturday with my guests and will be getting married on a Wensday , I would love to bring my girls to coco bongos for my bachelorette but the only day that will work would be a Sunday or Monday . Has anyone been to coco bongos on a Sunday or weekday ?? Was it dead ?? The website looks like they still have all the same shows . Thanks in advance Melissa November 2014 Barcelo palace
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