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  1. Hi! First off beautiful pictures! And I love the shoes and jewelry shots! They're so artistic! I am glad that I will also be using Sascha! I do have a couple of questions. How did you pay him? We are thinking of using paypal but we are a bit hesitant to log in at the resort's WIFI. Also how long did it take for him to send you the pictures after? Thanks so much!
  2. Hi! First off congratulations! I will also be using Sascha as well at the same resort! I do have a couple of questions. How did you pay him? We are thinking of using paypal but we are a bit hesitant to log in at the resort's WIFI. Also how long did it take for him to send you the pictures after? Thanks so much!
  3. Hi! I paid $230 for it plus $30 for shipping and $30 for duties. This is a replica of a dress from David's Bridal which was a replica from Vera Wang. So I sent the link to Dressilyme and they customized it to my size so I don't have to spend money on alterations too. (which I heard can be quite expensive).
  4. I just learned that my MOH is pregnant and will be around 29-30 weeks at the time of my wedding. There is a huge chance she cannot make it. What should I do in the meantime? I have about 5.5 months until the wedding. Should I ask a friend to be a backup in case she doesn't show? I am soooo happy for her but if she doesn't end up coming? I am confused...Any advice would be soo great! Thanks!
  5. Hi! Another question from me..The holiday was a good break but now I am back in full planning gear! I have booked an outside photographer and in order to avoid paying the $500 vendor fee, I am planning to book 2 nights for the photographer and his assistant. We are all staying at the Palace Deluxe but the rooms per night at that time is $266. The other resorts like the Beach and Tropical are cheaper at $140 per night. Would you recommend me to book another resort room for the photographer? Is that a hassle? Please help. Thanks!
  6. Hi! For those that used iphones/ipods for music, did you have to rent the audio speakers and microphones? If so, how much extra? Thanks!
  7. My Groupon vistaprint experience has been HORRIBLE! So I bought 2 groupons. I used the first one back in September with no issues. Since they expire in Nov 30, 2012, I decided to use the second groupon in early November. I spent hours making different products on vistaprint and when it comes time to order my cart, the groupon redemption code doesn't work. I tried it 3 times before I decided to call Vistaprint. After 30 mins with them, they finally told me that the groupon redemption code has been used by another user with a different email address. They told me to call Groupon to rectify the m
  8. I should say that the first picture above are my "will you be my maid of honor" and "will you be my bridesmaid" cards. So what I spent is: - Cardstock from Michaels - clearance $10 - diamond and pearl stickers from Dollarama - $2 - organza ribbons 6 rolls from Dollarama - $6 - printing done at work - free Total: $18 so it comes out to approx $0.51 each invitation!
  9. I thought I would share because I am done with my invitations! YAY! I am not a creative person so I didn't do the boarding passes or bottle messages. I did go to Michaels and found these really nice blue (my theme color) blank invitation and rsvp cards. It was on clearance for $10! Being the frugal bride, I bought them. I then bought these really pretty mixture of diamond and pearl stickers, and white organza ribbons from Dollarama for $1 each! So iI stuck the diamond and pearl stickers on each invitation and tied a nice big bow on each invite. It turned out really pretty I must say. I can't
  10. Wow great inspirational pictures! I love them all! I don't have a picture but I will describe it. My centre piece will consists of seashells and other "sea" stuff in a clear glass round vases filled with water with a floating candle on top. I bought these fake seashells and bits from Michaels Store, round vases from Dollarama and floating candles from Ikea. The only challenge I see if bringing 5 glass vases down to mexico in a suitcase. :/
  11. Yep! I am from Canada and I bought a groupon from somewhere in the states. The only "issue" I had was I had to use the Vistaprint.com website (instead of it's Canadian site at Vistaprint.ca). So I had to pay about $25 for shipping to Canada. But it was worth it at $17 for $70 worth of stuff.
  12. OK the FI is not at home so I was able to actually try it on properly and look in the mirror. It's hard to try it on without another set of hands though but I managed to zip up and everything! Here are 2 pictures. It fits perfectly and with my shoes too! Should I get a beaded sash for the waist? Does it look kind of plain? As for jewelry I was thinking of going for a simple pearl necklace and pearl earrings, just because the dress is already "pretty fun" with the frills. My wedding is 9 months away and I can't wait for my FI to see it.
  13. I only took one picture. The top was getting a bit squished from the hanger. But you can slightly see from the picture that there is a train. The top is a sweetheart with an empire waist and frills made from tulle cascading to the bottom. I am not sure if this will be my TTD dress yet.
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