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  1. Hello! I recived a quote from westjet and sunwing but I do not want my friends and family to pay 1200 each. I have been to the mayan riviera this summer and I paid 1,000 with taxex included, stayed in at the grand sunset riviera maya platimun so i guess because i'm booking in months in advanced thats the reason the prices are high.
  2. Mu Wedding Day is for May 20 , 2013 . People flying out from Canada, any good deals with Sunwing e.t.c our quotes are so high 1300 per person any suggestions?
  3. Hello *****, I'm getting getting on May 20, 2013. have you hear anything back regarding Adrian Guerra? Thank you
  4. Thank you Audrey for the information. Do you know who is doing your make up? hair?
  5. Hello Girls, I see there are alot of brides getting marry on May 2013. Well I'm also planning to get marry on May 23 or May 24. I'm choosing the Mint breeze but it's going to be a catholic ceremony. I look forward in planning with all future brides.
  6. Hello Girls, I want to get marry in this resort and I want to know all of your positive and negative feedbacks about this resort. I'm planning to go with the magical package. Thank you all
  7. There are moments of our lives that are so important that we will do the impossible to capture them. To capture the smile of your grandparents, a tear of happiness from a father walking her daughter down the isle. The bride getting ready for the biggest moment of her life. The moment when the couple is receiving the blessing from God to guide them in the future as a couple. A photograph is a memory from the past that will always capture those feelings that were present on that day and will remind you how important that day was. Things come and go, but a picture will always will be always a KODAK MOMENT! a time machine that brings you back to that exact day!!! Therefore, a special event with out a photographer will not be an event at all!!
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