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  1. Hello Brides! My wedding day is May 25th!!! Coming up soon! For any of the past brides, how did you travel with all the party favors OOT bags etc... It seems like I have so much stuff I need to take. Also any advice on what you guys did taking your wedding dress? As a carry on?? Thanks ladies!
  2. Hi Brides! I'm having some guests that are not staying at the Barcelo hotels. The WC is telling me that I have to pay $500 for them plus the dinner??! Has anyone encountered this problem?
  3. Hi Julie, how did were you able to book them for 2 nights? I tried and the minimum is 3 nights
  4. Hi Julie, Thank you so much for your input I would love to get some of the steps emailed that would be great! my email is sahagun1025@yahoo.com Are you using the resorts centerpieces? or bringing your own? I'm still trying to decide. Julie
  5. Thanks for your feedback. Are you bringing your own centerpieces? Is the resort providing that too?
  6. Hi Brides! Did anyone use an outside photographer? If so, did you pay for the 2 night stay? or pay the $500 deposit? I'm trying to get a price for the 2 night stay but it wont let me book for 2 nights it has to be a 3 night stay. What did you ladies do? Also, my wedding is on May 25th and my WC has not contacted me? Should I be worried is this normal? Thanks Ladies!
  7. Hi Ladies, I had a question, for all you who have already had your wedding at Barcelo. Our wedding is less then 4 months away and I still have not gotten a response from my WC. Our ceremony will be at the Coral Beach( I believe this is the most private beach?) There will be about 40-50 guests. I had told my WC about 30 guests, but my list keeps growing. Does any one know if theres a deadline to which you can give the final count? Since we chose the Mint Breeze package the reception will be inside. My WC had sent me a photo of the banquet room, but it looks so plain Does any one have any
  8. Hi! I'm debating what beach to have the ceremony at, coral beach or playa azul. I heard Coral beach is more private?Help!
  9. Hi Ladies, My wedding date is May 25th, my fiancé and I had already decided on the Mint Breeze package. but just know are having second thoughts on changing to the strawberry package. The price difference is about $3,000! We love the idea of having the reception on the beach and cant imagine being indoors for it. Based on your experience what do you recommend??? Also does can anyone share pictures of the banquet room decorated?? Thank you! Julie !
  10. Hi Mimi 2013, Our ceremony will be on the beach at 5:00pm, I'm so delayed on my planning lol. Have you booked a photographer? what package did you choose?
  11. Does anyone recommend a good photographer with decent prices? I have had no luck. Thanks girls
  12. Hi FireyNurse, How exiting! I would love to hear all about it when you get back. We are getting married May 25th on the beach and staying at the Barcelo Maya Palace. We chose the Mint Breeze due to our tight budget, even though I really wanted to reception on the beach. Our wedding coordinator is Victoria as well. She is good it just takes a couple weeks for her to return my emails. Anyways I've never been to Cancun nor ever been to a destination wedding. I'm a little worried of the unknown details of the wedding. I would like to get the centerpiece emails and any advice that you can giv
  13. Hi ladies! Has anyone found a photographer?? I know Barcelo wants you to choose theirs, because they are charging a $500 pass fee for an outside photographer, but I really do not want to choose theirs..
  14. Hi, When is your wedding day? most of my guests have not booked their stay yet.
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