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  1. Any chance you coul email me your topper for the survival kit? I would greatly appreciate it!! It came out great! Thanks, Carol Carol324@live.com
  2. If anyone has the template for the Too much booze and or the Oh Sh*t Kit, I was hoping you might be able to email it to me. I am hoping to upload it to vista print's oversized postcards, then fold in half and attach to baggies. I don't have enough posts to open attachments yet, and my wedding is coming way to fast!! Thanks so much for your time and your help! carol324@live.com
  3. I would love it you could send it to me at carol324@live.com Looking to do vista print oversized postcards, hope it will work!
  4. If anyone could send me these templates, I would greatly appreciate it! carol324@live.com Thanks so much!!
  5. If anyone could please please please email this template to me......I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks! carol324@live.com
  6. I would love someone to email them to me as well. Crunch time!! carol324@live.com
  7. Hi Amy! Yes, we are working with Indira from Aruba Fairytales. I have not secured a photographer yet, though, have you? We went down there and met with Indira and she took us to many different places for wedding ceremony locations. We weren't sure we wanted to have it at one of the hotels. I'm not sure if you have stayed at the Divi Phoenix before or not, but the rooms are fantastic! We stayed there for my brothers wedding three years ago and had the best time! I feel very confident in our choice! Have you found a dress yet?
  8. No comparison between the two. Tahiti is once in a lifetime vacation!! Very unique! I highly recommend Bora Bora and Moorea. Bora Bora is the most breath taking place I've ever been to. Overwater bungalow is the way to go. They can bring you breakfast by canoe! Just awesome! If you are looking for a unique vacation, I would go there. However, Bucks is right, it is very quiet/peaceful there at night. If you are looking to stay in a regular hotel with a beautiful beach and nightlife, then you will be happy with Aruba.
  9. Hi There, Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.....my fiance and I are getting married in Aruba, August 2013, and just went out there to scout out hotels. We stayed at the Radisson and Riu. After staying at the RIU for 2 nights, we ended up eliminating it as an option. Although we fell in love with the photos of the hotel and could picture our friends/family having a great time at that magnificent pool, the rooms and hallways were very smelly and the drink options at dinner were limited to beer and 2 different kinds of wine. If you wanted a cocktail you had to go upstairs and bring it back with you into the restaurant. The drinks at the pool were either watered down or very cheap liquor was used. In talking to other people who stayed there, they confirmed that they actually went out and picked up there own alcohol to add on to their pool/beach bar drinks. Fun atmosphere, but not worth the $$, in my opinion. We decided to eliminate the All-Inclusive option and go with great prices at the Divi Phoenix, saving our guests over $300 per night to spend how they would like. Hope this helps...
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