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  1. congrats.....where are you planning on having your wedding!
  2. Congrats!!!! Have you looked at any hotels? Let us know if you have any questions.
  3. I have to agree that we should definitely go to another hotel then the one we are getting married in!! St. martin.....how fun!
  4. For all of my PR brides, what is everyone doing for their honeymoon? Are you going to stay at the same hotel as your wedding, or look for a different one? If anyone has any suggestions of different hotels let me know. I will be staying at the Marriot hotel and stellaris casino for my actually wedding, but was thinking of staying at a different hotel after all my guest leave.or maybe just stay their since I probably could get a good rate. What does everyone think??
  5. It seem that Noel is very popular in San Juan as a wedding photographer. I think that the Marriott recommends his services. Ok I have done a lot of research on wedding coordinators in the San Juan area. I am 99% sure I am going to use who my hotel recommends. I am on a tight budget and she is the cheapest one I have found, and they all offer the same services. I really like her promptness and her eagerness to create my dream wedding. Hopefully this is one thing I can cross of my list soon!!!!!!
  6. May I ask who you are using as a photographer. I too feel that a coordinator would be better at negotiating with the vendors I still am playing phone tag with my hotel coordinator so I have not be able to figure out what she will be able to offer to us. I also am waiting on a couple of different proposal from several different vendors. UGH there is just so much to do!
  7. I am just starting to look at flowers. There are so many beautiful wedding bouquets to choose from
  8. Yes, I am having my ceremony and reception both at the hotel. I really feel so overwhelmed right now because I just don't know were to start. We were going to go this fall as well but have decided against it. I think we may go early spring. My fiance is from PR and his family is there, that being said they really have been no help, because they do really know of many vendors there either. I saw some of the prices from the hotel for flowers, and canopy for ceremony, which seemed extremely expensive however, I have nothing to compare it to., I have been using the websit Bodaclickpr.com to help me find some vendors but the response has been slo
  9. I too would be interested in knowing how both of your planning has been going. I am getting married at the San Juan Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino on July 3rd 2013 I only have booked the venue and ceremony and that its it. Now I am tring ot figure out if I should uee the hotel to help coordinator the wedding, ie. flowers, decorations, etc. Or do I use outside vendors, and should I get a wedding coordinator. I am trying to do all of this on a tight budget so I am not sure what is the best option for me just of yet.
  10. I am so excited that I found all of you. I too am getting married in PR in 2013. I just got engaged las week, so as you all know I am totally overwhelmed. We are debating going there for a couple of nights to look at different hotels, but just don't know if we can afford it. Sexxymela thank you for all the info on different venues. Right now I am looking into La Concha, Marriott San Juan Resort and Stellaris Casino, and Hilton Caribe. My fiance is from RR and his entire family lives there so they all have been a huge help. How many people are coming to your wedding? Right now I am waiting to see who can come or not. I sent an informal email out to all that I would like to join us. How long should I give them to respond??? Please keep the info coming ladies as I will do the same.
  11. Yes I too have been using bodaclicker.com. I will definitely keep you updated on my planning. Old San Juan is just beautiful! Its reassuring to know that La Concha is just as beautiful in person as the pictures. I am still going to look into a couple of different hotels just to compare rates, but I just have fallen in love with La Concha!
  12. Bamabride!!!! Congrats! I just got engaged last saturday and we too are planning our destination wedding in PR for July 2013. I am so excited but completely overwhelmed. I have been looking at La Concha in San Juan. I would like to try and find a hotel in San Juan so that my guest have plenty to do in walking distance. Please let me know how you planning is going? How many guests are you planning on inviting?
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