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  1. Hey Sarshab, Wow it's been awhile since I've been on here. I got promoted at work and I've had no free time lately. I will most def try to post pics of the disco after I get home. We're only 60 days out. Super Excited!
  2. That's awesome Sunshinybride. When is your wedding?? We are down to 126 days!! I'm starting my tanning next month so I'm nice and tan when I get there (red heads tend to burn pretty quickly). I just finished my DIY luggage tags, and I have all my supplies to do my wedding wands next. And yesterday all my rose petals arrived for me to do my isle borders. I'm ready to go!! LOL
  3. LOL, I'll be at the disco when you get there!! LOL I'm having so much fun planning a lil at a time and not getting overwhelmed by anything. Sunday I did our own DIY luggage tags and they turned out pretty cute. Plus it was a one day project which always makes me happy. I think your reception will be amazing on the pool deck. All the pictures are so pretty from there. It'll be wonderful!!!
  4. Hey Soon2be, I'm not sure about all that. I know each package has an allotted amount of "included" people and you have to pay $10.50 pp for extra drinks after the ceremony and cake or something. And yes, they make people who aren't guests pay a 'guest' fee to attend, I think it's called a guest pass or day pass. All my guests are staying at the resort so I haven't paid that much attention to their policies about it. Happy Planning
  5. I'm planning to do my own DIY isle borders with rose petals. Everywhere I've researched has said that this is super tedious and I don't want to wait until the last minute to get it done. I have searched and searched this forum in all the areas, even tried searching using different verbiage, and I just CAN NOT find out what the length of the isle runner should be. I even emailed Keshia, but haven't heard back from her. Please help if you can. I don't want to waste money on un-needed length, and I don't want it to be too short either. Thanks All in advance. Brandy
  6. Mayems, Yes, I sent Keisha an email and asked her to reserve it for me and to email me a confirmation. She sent it back to me within 3 days saying the disco is mine. Sorry it took so long to reply!!
  7. NO, they were trying to make me pay for the free reception of $600 AND the $67 per person because I have 43 guests. I'm having the free reception but if you have over 40 they try and make you pay for the reception. I contacted corporate and they are not making me do for only 3 people over. They $600 was a rental flat fee, the $67 pp was on top of that.
  8. Atrack, That information is correct. It's 10.50 over you person number depending on you packaged amount. I was being told that I had to pay $67 Per Person and on top of that, an extra $600 flat fee for a "rental fee". So I was prepared to pay the 10.50 per person OVER my allowable budgeted amount of people. I was NOT prepared to pay almost 70 bucks per person for everyone! Huge difference. Emailing corporate over the 10.50 won't get you anywhere, that's their policy and they state that clearly. They did not state what Keisha told me about all this clearly at all b/c it was no where. Hope this helps.
  9. OK girls so I finally heard back from the corporate office. Her first email was very confusing and vague so my response back was simply, "will I be forced to pay for a private reception if I have 45 guests" and her response was no. I will say, that she totally copied Keisha on ALL emails. Thankfully I didn't say anything negative about her or it would have made it very awkward to work with her. So if you email corporate, be sure to remember that whatever you type, Keisha will see. But I consider it a win. I'm not paying an extra couple of thousand dollars. My wallet is very happy. Thanks for the support girls, I never would have known to do that without the knowledge of this forum. Thanks! Happy Bride right here.
  10. Sorry Brenda, I just now saw your post. But that is the correct email that Sunshinybride posted. She never contacted me first, I contacted her. But she will not "plan" anything until closer to your day. She will reserve whatever reception you want and answer questions about prices and will email you some pictures.
  11. Hello Cam Tu Ho, Yes I'm in MD. We already reserved the disco. I've never been to Jamaica before and we're a bunch of partiers when it comes to wedding receptions so I wanted something with air conditioning to make everyone and myself, comfortable enough to dance the night away. Our wedding is at 1:00 but we aren't paying for anything extra. We figured everyone can either go chill at the bar or take a nap before the reception. The whole point is to relax and stay budget conscience. There's a reason we picked an all inclusive resort you know? Why pay for what's already free? That's our thinking anyway. LOL So we aren't paying anything extra for anything, other than the disco. I could care less about the cake, so the one that's included is just fine with me. The dinner is a little confusing right now b/c we are right at about 42 guests which seems to be putting us at being forced to pay for a private reception. I've emailed the corporate office about it so we'll see what comes out about it. We made our own DIY plane ticket invites and my next project that we just went and got the supplies for is wedding ribbons with bells. We are doing a rainbow color scheme and each girl is wearing a different color so our ribbons are going to be very colorful.
  12. Hey girls, I'm getting married at ROR on June 28th, 2013!!! Mucho excited. We're doing the wedding on the beach and the disco later that night.
  13. andres14321, Your post has made me excited to get a quote from "Diana", but other than her first name, you didn't give any contact info. No website or full name or any links. Could you elaborate a lil more so I could check her out for my wedding? Thanks
  14. Thanks MonaMichelle, I really liked their pictures. I just sent off for a price quote. I know your post is old, but I appreciate it. Thanks
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