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  1. I purchased these stems and used them in my centerpieces (pics attached) Paid 15.00 per stem but since I cut the excess stem off of them I am selling for 7.00 per stem plus shipping (only US shipping).
  2. 6 bright pink/ fuschia orchid stems used in centerpieces- purchased for $15 each will sell $8.00 each or all $40.00 for all of them + shipping- See photo below These ave bee cut to fit in the vases as seen in the picture---plenty of blooms and stems can be used in a number of ways special type of silk flower that has a real feel/ look and works in water vases as well
  3. Hello All Brides I was married this past fall in Riviera Maya! I brought all of my decorations and I am now selling the left overs!! Centerpieces - 5 sets of Vases 3 Vases per set with a small, medium, and large vase. All 5 sets for $75 + shipping or OBO or buy individual sets of 3 for $20 OBO + shipping ( I filled the vases with water the largest vase held bright pink artificial orchids (also for sale) The medium and small vases held water, sand from the beach, and bright white pearls (also for sale). Topped it off with white floating candles (I have two left over candles that I can give away) See picture below. 2 additional vases used on the escort card table (1 small and 1 medium) for $ 10 + shipping White Pearls- 12 large, 18 medium, and ~60 small- again used in the vases at the bottom with sand and water- $20 for all of them +shipping Just Married Parasol- Purchased on this site for $20 + shipping- used in photos (see picture below) will sell for $15 +shipping Table Numbers- 1-5 in clear acrylic frames- purchased for $1.50 each will sell for $1.00 each +shipping Fans- 3 Lime green fans- $ 0.50 each + shipping White wire, clear icicle lights- 5 strands- purchased for $15 each will sell for $12 each +shipping White Gazebo Sheers- not sure on exact measurements but will measure if interested... purchased for $65 will sell for $45 + shipping- see photo below White Platform Flip Flops- purchased and worn for about 5 minutes- size 7.5 - $10 + shipping Willing to negotiate and multiple order pricing!!! I brought all of these items in one regular size checked bag ... only 48lbs all in one bag so not too heavy to bring with you and everything arrived in one piece Shipping from Chantilly, VA if interested in Checking Shipping Rates- have my own shipping supplies including bubble wrap so only to incur postage cost!! Make me an offer!!!
  4. Hi Ladies! I have been bad and have been back for a week and have not posted. Everything went wonderfully... I will write a full review soon... there were minor hiccups but all was still wonderful.. If you have questions ask away.. Here is a pic
  5. Hi Ladies Have you looked at the weather in riviera maya for next week... probably not.. but I did since I fly out in 7 days and married in 10... needless to say there is 85% chance of rain for 10 out of the 13 days we are there... including the wedding day.. bummer
  6. Hi All I have 12 sets of multicolored icicle lights with white cords that shimmer as extras for my wedding decor that I will not be using. I originally purchased for 20/strand but will to sell for 15 per strand. These are new never been used in their original packaging lights. 15/strand +shipping. PM me if interested! Laura
  7. Hi Ladies I am packing my wedding supplies for my upcoming wedding and realized I purchased way too many lights for the wedding. I have 12 extra sets of multicolored icicle lights on white wire for sale. I figured I would offer to yall first before posting on the classifieds thread. I purchased them for $20 a set originally but willing to sell for$15 a set +shipping. They are still in their boxes and never have been used. Let me know if there are any takers. Laura
  8. Hi Ladies I definitely noticed the incentives died down once we signed the contract soo milk out all the good deals before signing and do not be afraid t negotiate.. we definitely did and are still negotiating 3 weeks before the final payment... I told my planner that I attended the rehearsal and faxed her copies of all the vouchers given to us at the rehearsal Here is the list of the free welcome cocktail party. "• Signature drink - • Beer, wine, soda • Gourmet Bites: • Caprese Bruchetta • Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Roulade • Caribbean Ceviche • Ratatouille vol au vent • Roast Beef on Mustard Brioche • max 50 people, $10 pp additional over 50" We are doing the bonfire the night before the wedding.. I will report back in October on how it goes. Hope this helps ladies... Also I have a life long friend back out of a reserved room that day after my room release deadline... I was hurt... more so now that I know there is a Mediterranean cruise she is going on in Nov. Remember that on the day.. it does not matter who is there except for you and your FI. Have a glass of red, a piece of chocolate, and remember that how others spend their money is up to them.. and how they act reflects on them... whether its leading you on and/or being selfish or hurtful in their choices... hang tough and focus on yourself and your FI... hugs from VA
  9. Hi Kary I spoke with my travel agent from destination weddings and she set it up... i would definitely follow up on this... its called the brides dress rehearsal and it should be 300-400 total for the couple for 3 nights... they do it every 4-6 weeks... we toured several resorts and tasted everything... and got a free welcome cocktail party, $500 credit, and 20% off... definitely worth it...
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